Monday, April 27


When I do a blogpost, I load all the photos and then add the text. As some of you know, it is very easy to accidently delete a photo. I did just that when I did my Happy Joe's post. I deleted this photo of my daughter Collette and her husband, Daryl. Collette is smiling because she had doilies to show me. Last weekend when I had my quilt gathering, she got inspired by some of the gals who were knitting and crocheting. She found a book at the Library with over 300 crocheted block patterns and she said she can't stop making blocks. They are just "practice blocks" but I think they are really cool. I especially think that since I cannot crochet!!

I also thought I'd show you half my sewing room. Devlin took a picture of it when we were working on his project Friday night and I'm like ..."oh, no, you can't take a picture of this mess". He thought it was just fine and the friend that he's doing this project for thought it looked like "Santa's workshop", that's almost what this is............. it's "Sandi's workshop". :-) As you can see there are piles of projects everywhere. I clean it up and then I mess it up all over again. There's another half to the room to the left as this is the "Bonus room" over the garage. My grandson Jacob, loves the room. He says it's cozy. I agree. It is such a treat after the small basement room with no window that I had in our previous house.

I have good news on the Emma quilt. I had been waiting on just one package that had been mailed from Julia in England over two weeks ago. It was sent Airmail and when it didn't arrive by Friday, I feared it was lost in the mail. I gave up hope and so when I went to the mailbox today and there was a package with a Royal Mail post on it, I knew exactly what it was. And inside were two perfect blocks that fill the last two spots on the quilt layouts. How perfect is that? I had no idea whether the blocks Julia was sending were the 6 1/2" ones or the 12 1/2" ones so I was thrilled that these blocks were just what I needed!!

She also tucked in a lovely card and note and two of her handmade soaps for me. Oh, how lovely they smell. What a treat! I came to know Julia when she was my swap partner in a recent mug swap. I loved overfilling that mug with things for her because in reading her blog, I knew I had some vintage things that she would love and I picked up a few things for her, too. I have worried about getting it right on some swaps because I couldn't get a good enough "picture" of my partner from their blog. Not so with Julia. Her blog is MarmaladeKiss so take a peek and see all the creative things she does and beautiful photos, too!
I am heading to Iowa tomorrow and leaving the dog and hubby at home. More on that later on tonight as I have a little surprise to leave you while I am gone............


Needled Mom said...

I am glad that you posted the new photos. I am impressed with the doilies as well. I hope she finds a good project for them.

Your sewing room looks positively charming. I can imagine how much creativity goes on in there.

I'm so glad that the blocks worked out so well and did not get lost in the post. That would have been a real shame.

Have a safe and wonderful trip.

Crispy said...

LOL, I delete photos all the frustrating. Hooray on getting the last blocks AND having them be the right size. Hey, if you can find what you are looking for, it's not mess. Bob knows better than to move any of my quilty stuff in the guest bedroom.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

You're family is lovely. I'm so glad your last blocks arrived for "Emma". Nice. This will be a great project.

Pat said...

I enjoyed seeing these photos. Colette did a nice job and I can see how happy she was to show her doilies to you. And...I love a sewing room that looks USED.......what kind of sense does it make to have a perfectly neat and tidy sewing / crafting room? To ME that says not much is happening there. YOUR room says a LOT is happening and I love that!!!

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