Saturday, April 11

Eggs-tra-Special Easter Egg Treats!!


Hope you are all enjoying sunshine and a nice weekend, although I know that storms have caused major problems in some parts of the country. It's sunny here in Minnesota and so nice to go out without a coat!!
Now, just as I did at Valentine's Day, I wanted to share with you my little miniature scenes and these are my Easter Gift Boxes.................. however, blogger is really making it difficult today! For some reason, photos start to load and then the process stops. I have loaded off and on for over an hour just to get these pics posted! I took individual photos of each so that you can see the details so you can double click on the photos to enlarge and see the details in the boxes. The largest box is only about 8 to 9" tall and the items in the boxes are on a scale of 1" = 1'. I used lots of clay, bits of ribbon, rims and all sorts of odds and ends to create the little scenes. :-)

Inside the yellow Gift Box there is a table made of an orange concentrate can and covered with a daintly little tablecloth. Those are real tiny twigs that I painted white for the egg tree. The little eggs are made from Fimo clay and so are the pink bunny on the floor of the scene and the "chocolate egg" on the table and the imitation "Cadbury" egg. I used white craft paint to simulate the white and yellow creme center for the eggs. The basket is made from needlepoint canvas that has been softened in warm water, then shaped over a pill bottle, fastened in place with a rubber band until dry, and then excess fabric was trimmed away. A bit of paint adds color and embroidery floss was used for trim and to wrap the wire handle.

While most of the items in the boxes are just whatever I could create from odds and ends, the little rabbit in the pink dress is the design of Donna Parker. I was a member of the Midwest Miniature Guild for more than 20 years and at one of our workshops we were all taught how to make Donna's little bunny folk. Really sweet, isn't she? It's just a wire amature and then wrapped in fleece and dressed up.
The dress was created using a product by Dureen Ruff called "The Mini Pleater" which allows you to place a length of fabric in this mold of sorts and then press and Poof!! you have pleated fabric. I made several of these for family and friends because they were just so cute.

I pictured the three smaller Gift Boxes all in one photo.........

There are more Easter Baskets and pom-pom bunnies and chocolate bunnies made from Fimo. Oh, and the little chicks are the tiniest of pom-poms that have little dots of paint for their eyes and teeny tiny beaks and feet cut from orange construction paper. piec

My favorite of all the Easter Gift Boxes is the little gray bunny made from two pom poms. I glued them to a felt base and then with sharp scissors I clipped and sculpted until I had the shape of a bunny. Then I added felt ears and a little white cottontail. His little eyes are black beads and his mouth is formed with black thread stiffened with Tacky glue. As noted, the little imitation Cadbury egg is made from Fimo clay. :-)

The Easter Boxes, and those shown at Valentines Day, were all created in 1991. I entered them in the Scott County Fair and earned a Blue Ribbon on the set of five. I also earned a Blue Ribbon on the Valentine boxes. Come October, I'll show you the Blue Ribbon Halloween boxes and more in December that took a Grand Champion Ribbon. :-) I did these for my kids to have some piece of what I made with my hands. I had made a lot of the boxes for sale when I was working parttime at a nearby elementary school. I set a goal to make a holiday set for my own family and after that, I never created any more for sale. Lots of time and energy goes into the boxes and when I transitioned to working full time for a computer company, it was no longer viable to make them and sell them.
Hope you have enjoyed this little tour of my miniature Gift Boxes. Have a lovely weekend!


Pat said...

LOVE these and also the two egg trees you showed! Can't wait for the pattern book. Happy Easter!!!

Crispy said...

Another really cute project Sandi!! You are so clever!!


CieAngel said...

Wow those are so cute. I really like the pink kitty one in the back.

Pat said...

OMGosh how cute!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Really really really cute.

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