Saturday, April 11

The Easter Egg Tree!

I love eggs! Like to eat them and love to decorate real eggs. I like to make eggs from felt, too and so I wanted to show you my egg tree from 2004. I designed this little egg pin pattern and enlarge the eggs a bit to create the ones on the tree. I didn't make all of them, though. I asked my friends to make some for me. I gave them the pattern and asked them to make an egg for my egg tree. I love looking at it because it reminds me of those friends and all the fun we shared while stitching. This one is actually in a large gold picture frame (about 24" x 28").

In 2005, I made another egg tree wall hanging. I made this one as a sample for National Nonwoven's booth at Fall Market that year. This time, I made all the eggs and the bunny in the flower pot base.

I recently gave this pattern to the members of a swap on my Wooly Buddies group. We had a fun exchange with each of us making a little egg as a pin and than adding other goodies to send to our partner. I would show you a picture but blogger is not letting me load the one I want. I am just not having good luck with the computer these past days. :-( Anyway, the pattern for the eggs, the tree and lots of other projects involving these eggs is "in the works" as a small pattern booklet and will be available this fall, 2009. I'll keep you posted on when it will be available for sale.
Time for lunch. Back in a few with more eggs-tra-special egg projects!


CieAngel said...

Oh I really love your trees. Can't wait til you get the pattern booklet out.
Happy Easter to you and your Family.

Crispy said...

When I first started reading I was thinking of those egg trees made from blown out eggs. I like this much better. Very Cute!!


Lindsey said...

If I had a "Best Easter Blog" award I would give it to you....these are so adorable and "doable" at the same time..
Love those cuties!

Cathy said...

Great Easter post Sandi! The Easter Egg trees are so cute. I see the one I made for you. The cat one (of course) is the one I made.

Happy Easter!

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