Wednesday, April 8


I made some treats for Easter and you can read more about it if you pop over to my "Tea and Stitches" blog. There is also a cute little Easter basket project that can be done many different ways. Take a peek.........just click here

An update on my BOM mailings........I am caught up to February and working through those who sent e-mails in March. I may have missed some of you so please send me an e-mail if you have not received any blocks by next Monday.

An update on the Emma blocks........I have received blocks from Claire, Debi, Emma, Linda, and more plus some local quilters have now contributed blocks. I am only waiting on blocks from four bloggers and if I don't receive them by Friday I will send an e-mail to see if blocks are being sent or not. Thanks to all of you that contributed blocks. I will post more on this after Easter.

Last week at this time, I was preparing a message on Easter traditions and thoughts that I was to present at our Women's Guild meeting (held last Thursday). My next post will be about the awesome story of what transpired last week. All I'll say right now is that we really helped the Easter Bunny out a lot this year! :-)
More soon.


Sharon said...

YUMMY I could sure go for a cupcake right now. lolol

Crispy said...

Wow you actually had enough jelly beans to decorate the cupcakes???? I love jelly beans LOL.


xashee's corner said...

looking forward to the good news! :) heading over to Tea and Stitches! Thank you for sharing!! Have a WONDERFUL day!! :)

julieQ said...

Did you receive my blocks? Mailed last Thursday. Hope they help!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hope the blocks show up. Cupcakes look great. I am not a coconut fan but I love black jelly beans so I pick through them to get the black ones. Weird.

JuliaB said...

Hi Sandi I made you a couple of blocks but I think i'm not good at making blocks!! I am going to send them anyway with a little something to say Thankyou for the lovely Mug swap. I am a little late sending them too which I apologise for. x

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