Wednesday, March 11

Polka Dot Snow!!

First thing, thank you to all of you who have e-mailed me that you will make blocks for a fund-raising quilt for Emma. I deeply appreciate that you will take time to make and send blocks and I know Connie, Emma and family will be, too.
Some of you may know that here in Minnesota, we got more snow yesterday. It started here as freezing rain/slush, then snow, then wind, and then more wind all night long!!! I was glad to not have to go out. About 9:00 last night, I was finishing up in the kitchen when I looked over at the door and this is what I saw. Well, it was "Polka Dot Snow" and, of course, I grabbed my camera.

Does that look cool or what? By morning the effect was gone so I am glad I captured it on film. The wind finally died down but the cold stayed and my sewing room didn't warm up til mid-afternoon!! Good grief, Spring must be out there somewhere!! Seriously, though, my thoughts and prayers were with anyone who had to be driving last night because it was not a good night to be on the road.
As much as I don't like having to go out in the snow, I do like the feeling of being "snowed-in". I also don't mind the sound of the wind as long as I am not out driving or walking in it. I do have to wonder, though, just how did our forefathers and mothers survive in these places in the winter. Probably they did it because they weren't as used to furnaces and air conditioners like we are. :-) So that I could watch the snow and listen to the wind, I decided to sit in the living room and sew and organize my crazy quilting stuff. After a while my fingers got cold because the heat went down for the night, but I got everything back in order and am ready for our next crazy quilting meeting. If you want to follow along with our crazy quilting exhibit and activities you can go here and read along.
Since my sewing room was so cold, I decided to start earlier in the day with the goodies I baked for my "Tea and Stitches" post. If you go here you can read what kept me warm this afternoon.
That's all for now. I need to collect my supplies for a program I'll be doing for a County Extension group tomorrow evening. More on that later. And there is Wooly Buddies fun to plan as we are doing a Spring Eggs Wool swap and tomorrow I will post partners and it will be fun to see what "eggs-tra special things" everyone receives. :-)
Have a good day.


Pat said...

How pretty that snow looks. I don't mind being snowed in, actually, but with as many trees as we have near our house, I don't care for extended periods of high winds....worries me that a tree will fall onto the house (and that has happened to homes in the area...usually at least one each year). I hope, for the sake of you being able to use your sewing room, that the weather warms up soon.

Needled Mom said...

I had seen how awful the blowing snow was in Fargo and knew it was headed your way.

The polka dots do look so pretty on the door. Glad that you managed to get a picture of it.

Sounds like you took advantage of the time to get a few things accomplished despite the cold temps.

Crispy said...

Sandi, I live 35 miles west of Bismarck and heard about the awful weather that hit in Eastern ND and Minnesota. We only recieved 3 inches but with that awful wind. At this point, no snow is looking pretty LOL. I'm sooooo ready for spring.


xashee's corner said...

oh that picture looks sooooooo PRETTY!! Thank you for sharing! :) Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

Quilter Going Bananas said...

It's been cold and windy here in MB, Canada too, when will it all go away?

The pic of the snow on your door is very kewl looking.

GARI said...

I know where Spring is: it is here in AL. In fact, it has been trying to be summer (82 yesterday). I will do all I can to push some of this weather up your way. LOL

Della said...

That picture is so beautiful. I'm jealous of all the snow you get.

julieQ said...

It has been cold here, rainy. No snow, though! The rain will be good for my garden...later!

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