Thursday, February 12

There's a new bear in my life............

Yes, a new bear, though, not a new man!!! I found him sitting on a shelf of Valentine items at the Home to Home Thrift Shop up in Belle Plaine yesterday. You may remember I went to the dentist and I promised myself I would make it worthwhile with a stop at the Thrift Shop. And it was! All Valentine items were 35% off so I picked up this little guy to see what that would be .......his tag read $2.00 so in the basket he went!! I found a couple other items but I'll post them next week. They don't fit the Valentine theme. :-)

When I got Mr. Bear home, I tossed him in the washing machine and if he survived he was a keeper. I buy lots of stuffed toys at garage sales and thrift shops but they must withstand a washing to come to live with me. As I put him in the machine I noticed a tag by his tail that said Helzeberg Diamonds. I'm thinking somebody got something sparkly with this guy in his previous life!!! And now his life is going to be one of posing with my craft and sewing projects! :-)
And today's project is a set of dishtowels. Last week I found these black and red cotton dishtowels at my favorite Dollar Tree store and picked up several red ones and the only black one to make up some decorative towels for my kitchen. The hearts on the towels are extras from a Valentine panel that I bought for another project. I used the same heart but stitched around it in different colors and added rick rack. This project was my "creative treat" after I did more sorting and cleaning in my sewing room and finally located some needed items to finish off a couple of other projects. If it sounds like I am cleaning and sorting and unpacking a lot perhaps I should let you know - and some do - that we've only lived here two years and in that time, my parents had health problems and then my dad passed away. Prior to that, if you've ever prepared a house to sell, you know that things have to go into storage. And prior to that our son had moved home and many things went in boxes so we could make room for his stuff. Soooooo, I am opening boxes, sorting and finding things that I have not seen in more than five years!! It has been interesting, to say the least!!
It's Friday the 13th today! That's great in my book......only one more day til Valentines Day!!!
Have a great day! Valentine memories coming up next post.


Fiona said...

He is just gorgeous - Congratulations on your find. I can't wait to see what else you found. Have a Happy Valentines Day..... HUGS - Fiona

W. Latane Barton said...

Mr. Bear is just the cutest!! I will look forward to seeing him again on your blog.

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

The bear is so cute. And your towels, what a clever idea. Thanks for sharing.

Needled Mom said...

It was worth the stop at the thrift store.

I really need to sort through a few of "those" boxes too. It is such a task and there are so many other projects I would rather work on these days.

Happy Valentine's Day.

xashee's corner said...

Mr. Bear is ADORABLE!! You did a GREAT job with those little towels too! :) Don't ya just LOVE a GOOD bargain!?! me too!! hehe Thank you for sharing your newest deals!! looking forward to seeing Mr. Bear again! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!

MYRA said...

Hi to your new bear, and your tea-towels are great! 8-)
We moved a year ago, and I too have boxes that have not been opened yet... A lot of times it is a suprize when you open them, and then you are happy with your find, or think to yourself, "what the heck did I save this for?" lol.... 8-)
Happy doings!

MYRA said...

PS: Love the Log Cabin Quilt in your previous post!! 8-)

Dionne said...

That bear is adorable, I'm glad he was able to take a bath and live to see another valentines day!

Pieceful Afternoon said...

Lovely towels - what a clever idea - I'll stop at the $Tree one day and see what they are offering. I love that store. I get the plastic sheets for putting scrapbooking in at the $Tree - 10 pages for 1.00 (of course). They are the same ones sold for 5.95 for 4 or 5 pages at craft stores. I really stocked up last visit - now to get to the scrapbooking.

Cute bear - glad he survived!!

Pat said...

Cute bear and lovely dishtowels. When we moved (after living in the same house for more than 30 years), I threw a lot of stuff away and gave a lot to thrift shops. I was sure we'd not brought anything here 5 years ago that we did NOT need....wrong...I am still finding stuff I should donate or throw away. I really need to get back on that task. Getting on in years, I always think how hard it would be for kids/grandkids to have to deal with all this "stuff" I'd rather do it myself while I have the health to do it and while I can decide where it goes!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Those valentine towels are so cute. What a fun idea. I love them.

Finn said...

Hi Sandy, I saw your face on my followers list and had to pop over and see where you blog. I love the little heart quilt and teddy on your header...great job! I know I've been here before, but darned if I can remember when. Anyway...the new bear is adorable, and seems destined to be with you for Valentine's Day. Love the new look of the dish towels. Great job on the stitching.
And I noticed you are in MN, altho I don't think I know where Henderson is. I slightly across the big river in WI, but have traveled a fair amount in MN. I checked out your group stitching blog and you gals sure do beautiful work. Hugs, Finn

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