Monday, December 1

Time to decorate the tree!!

December 1st is here so it's time to set up the tree. Some years I have it up right after thanksgiving and other years I don't set it up til Dec. 1. This year with Thanksgiving being so late, I feel terribly behind! We brought the tree to the living room last night but it will take me all day today to set it up so the decorating won't start til Tuesday. No real tree here, although our artificial trees have been with us so long they may soon earn the title "vintage"! :-) I'll post pics as I get the trees decorated. Yep, that's plural because I like a little tree in almost every room. It will be fun to share a little about each tree as the month of December goes along.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. We did and here are the pics to prove it.
That's my husband, Steve, carving the turkey.

Then I snapped a shot of the whole family waiting for me to serve up the rest of the fixings so they can eat. I always have to get a picture.

And the last shot is me cutting the pumpkin pie. Everything was really good - even the mashed potatoes!

So, with Thanksgiving over and tree decorating about to happen, I am in "high ornament gear". Have ornaments to finish for swaps I am in, plus some to make for friends, some for sale and lots of them made with my grandson, Jacob, this past weekend. Mom and Dad went home and Jacob stayed for four whole days and we shopped, made "projects", played games and had a great time. And speaking of a great time..........makes me think that it's time to have a little giveaway. I wasn't sure I was going to do one this month but then I was working on some more stockings to donate to the toy drive and thought............hmmm.......I have an idea for a giveaway. This photo is a clue. I'll post the finished item in this photo by tomorrow afternoon and tell you what the giveaway will be.
Time now to get some sleep. Missed a few zzzzz's while Jacob was here. :-)
Til later,


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Love the Joy. What nice photos. I didn't get many taken. I feel bad now about that. It looks like a good family group. Thanksgiving and all the trimmings! Your grandson is making memories.

Valerie said...

I actually put up my tree last night and spent the morning decorating it. I am going to post pictures soon. I used to have several trees but I think I am getting old.

Nihal said...

How wonderful Family photos, dear Sandi. I loved very much this Family! Especially little handsome Jacob on the left w/ blue eyes...
You're blessed Sandi. I was ever curious about your sweet unique family, and many thanks from the heart that you invited us sharing a bit of your yummy dinner table.
Belated Thanksgiving Day Wishes, and Happy December to you ALL in your Family.
Miles of Smiles.

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