Wednesday, December 10

Having a great week!

Oh, wow, busy, busy but having a great week. So much to share but don't have time right now but wanted to post that I'm here. Thanks to those who have comment on my stocking giveaway post. A couple of you e-mailed private thoughts that warmed my heart. I have to share one from my friend, Gretchen and then I'll be back later with pictures and more stuff.

Here is what Gretchen wrote..........

Hi Sandi,

I remember reading in your blog that you were asking people to send you recollections or stories about Christmas Stockings (as a way to be entered in one of your drawings)............

Here's my story. My Dad and Mom, my Dad's sister and her husband and Bronwyn and I have been together for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day since we were itsy bitsy girls. All those many years ago, mom made the six of us our own Christmas Stocking made out of red flannel and decorated with tacky sequins and other decorations. A number of years later, when MacTavish, our dog, joined us, he had his own stocking, too. We used those stockings every year. When our dog died, he was buried with his own stocking. When Mom and my Uncle Joe died, they were buried with their stockings. Dad and Boo and I will also be buried with our Christmas Stockings. Our stockings hold so many wonderful memories of the many Christmas times the six of us were together to celebrate our Savior's birth and the love we have for each other. Have a wonderful Christmas, Sandi. Hugs, Gretchen

Isn't that just the sweetest story? I am fortunate to have such wonderful friends as Gretchen and those of us who know and love her feel ourselves blessed. Her memroy brought tears to my eyes when I read it along with others that many of you written. I want to thank all of you for the lovely memories you have shared and to let you know that while I was blue when I wrote my stocking giveaway post, I am absolutely brightly colored by your comments, memories and encouraging words!! The day after I posted about the stocking giveaway and my blue memories, plans began to fall into place for a slightly different Christmas celebration and my dad would think it is fun knowing what we have planned for my mom. He would say "Just wanta make Ma happy." So, yes, Christmas will be different but it will be okay. I will miss my dad but now I'll share a memory as Pat (a member of Pat Sloan's Yahoo group and more on that connection later) encouraged me to do.............

My dad had the same sense of excitedness, curiousity, whatever you want to call it that I do which means I got it from him!! Ha ha! Anyway, I remember the Christmas when I was 18 and my folks got me my very own sewing machine for Christmas. My dad was so excited about it that he had to give it to me three days before Christmas. By that time, I knew he was Santa :-) and I laugh when I think of that Christmas. I put that machine to good use and I'll bet I'd still be using it today but Hurricane Camille did a number on it and my husband could not save it. The memory is still there and that's all that counts!

Now I must run for I received a call that Creche's are needed for a program at the Lutheran Church and I am off to help my friend Joanie by adding a few of mine. I will be back later with more stuff and pictures!


Pat said...

How sweet that your dad was SO excited about giving you your first sewing machine that he couldn't wait until Christmas day for you to have it. I'm sure he knew how happy YOU would be...and couldn't wait to see your expression when you go that terrific gift. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Pat in DE (from the Pat Sloan group)

Pat said...

oops...typo in previous comment by me...meant to say when you GOT that terrific gift....DUH.

Also...wanted to tell you that one of my biggest Christmas memories was that my dad was the Santa for the local fire department and also for the little "Santa cottage" in one of the downtown stores. Of course, when I was very little, I didn't know it was him and then I was proud that it was him. He had a really great outfit and beard...nothing "fake" looking about the hair on the beard and his wig. I wish I had pictures of him in that outfit...but I"ll just have to go "see" him in my memories.

Pat in DE

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