Saturday, December 6

A belated "Blog Pick of the Week"

Well, you can tell it's the holidays because there is so much to do that some things just get missed. I forgot to post my "blog pick of the week" so she will stay in place for two weeks just so you can all go check out her blog. I have chosen Chookyblue as she is the one who held the Secret Santa swap that I have talked about. She kept lots of us ladies "on our toes" making sure we got our packages sent on time to our Secret Santas. These large swaps have got to be a lot of work so I give praise to Chookyblue and thanks for all the work she did to allow all of us to have a Secret Santa. And I forgot to mention who my Secret Santa is - it's Shelley at Angels Come to Play! You'll find her blog here. She's the one who sent me the ten lovely little tissue wrapped gifts that you saw in my last post. I have unwrapped and rewrapped two of them now. Sorry, I just have this awful sense of curiosity! :-)
That reminds me of a recent news story on WCCO about kids and marshmallows that went like this.........Young kids (think they were all pre-kindergarten) were given one marshmallow by an educator conducting this little test and told that he was going to leave the room but if they waited til he got back, then they could have two marshmallows to eat, not just one. But they had to wait patiently and could not eat that first marshmallow. It was really interesting to see the results! Some kids were very patient and waited successfully to get that second marshmallow. Others, one little boy in particular, said he was going to eat the first marshmallow right away and he did!! It was a funny piece!! I would probably have been the nibbler, kind of like I'm nibbling away at that stack of ten little tissue wrapped packages!! Hee hee hee!! I better get busy. Lots to do. I laughed when I got an e-mail from my friend Barb this morning that she has called in the "decorating fairies". Wouldn't that be nice if there were little "fairies" to hang those high ornaments for us?!! Since there are none, I best get going and do the work of the "decorating fairies"!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, just to have them decorate the whole place! LOL! Maybe that's a business someone in a larger metro area could do - decorate people's houses for holidays and/or seasons!

Thanks for the blog links.

Chookyblue...... said...

thanks for having me as your blog of the week..........

momof2gr8kids said...

I am hoping by now you have gotten the ornaments i sent.. and they arived ok??

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I remember that same idea from an old candid camera skit. It was really funny and I still remember what some of the kids did. This giveaway on my blog may be the death of me! Why do I like to do things the hard way? It is fun to see so many comments but I haven't even had time to read them. So many nice women. I have a pkg to send you but it isn't put together yet - another thing on my to do list! Before we know it Christmas will be right here!

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