Monday, October 20

The Pickled Pink Pincushion!

This "learn by trial and error" is really difficult. I got the directions written and I thought you'd be able to do a "right click" and save this file to print it out. It's not working on my computer so I don't think it will work on your computer. Back to "trial and error learning". Please have patience with my challenged brain cells. Photos of the "step-by-step process" will follow soon.


Sue H said...

Good Morning, Sandi:
I was able to right click, open target in a new window, then print. Looks great! (PS: I'm off to buy a Featherweight today. It's a HAPPY day!!!)

DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

I'm going to try to do what Sue did. Looks so cute.

Sherri said...

What a cute pattern...thanks! Thanks to Sue's directions I was able to print as well!

Sandi said...

You know, after I went to bed last night, I thought - maybe I was just tired and not doing something right but perhaps it'll work when someone clicks on the photo...........and it did! Yay!!! Photos will follow shortly........Sandi

Sandra :) said...

ROTFL it's so cute!!

Nihal said...

Dearest Sandi,
What an endless pleasure for me to read your comments that you can not expect! Each one of them is so sweet and so warm. I LOVE reading your short but thoughtful notes each day. And if I can not find any -even one word from you, then I become blue in my face:( When I get yours, then my face becomes Pink:)
Just a future thought FYI. Maybe one day I will make a memorial ''Comments Book'' covered with your so nice comments, isn't nice?!
Oh Sandra, I guess you've an eye in my sewing set. How did you know I did looking for a easy-to-make pincushion? I'll now get a clean print of the sheet and many thanks for brighten my day! My needles will be happy to have their cute cushion, oh finally:)
As far as the giveaway, last monday on Oct 13 I sent both of them. Dick from the Netherlands informed me that he safely received his piece on Oct 16, Thu. Can you believe? Unbelievably fast postal system btw our countries, though I was expecting to hear his news on Fri, Oct 17. One day earlier coming news was great and surprised a lot. To get wrong in time estimation made me indeed happy girl, you know:) Dick as well as his wife expressed me their appreciation from packaging with ribbons to the inside, and how much they loved the necklace.
So now. Kept my fingers crossed for you. I know, I am sure, it will be delivered to you within this week safe and secure, Sandi. Give it 9 or 10 days, please a few days patience only OK.
Have a happy monday. Sending you my angelic wishes:)

*hannah* said...

Hi Sandi! I am sorry that it took me so long to answer your question. The maker of the candle is American Greetings Corp. ave a blessed day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a great idea. It is really cute.

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