Tuesday, October 14

A Happy Anniversary and some Brain Power....

Today is my daughter, Collette and son-in-law, Daryl's, 11th wedding anniversary. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!! I would share a photo but all the boxes of photos are still just that - boxes of photos still not unpacked from our move here in December of 2006. That will change this winter. We are going to work on organizing our photos and try to get names of people on them before we forget who they are! And speaking of that, it will require some Brain Power to do that and did you know that searching the internet can help you get more Brain Power? Just click here and you'll find out there's more to the internet and blogging than meets the eye. Now when I feel like I am on the computer too long, I'll just remind myself that I am actually exercising my brain when I go from blog to blog and topic to topic. If my son is reading this, he is saying, you're rationalizing again, mom. Hee hee!

And don't forget that there are only about 36 hours left to sign up for my Fall into Fall Giveaway basket. Click on the photo of Percy the Pumpkin on my sidebar and add a comment about your favorite fall memory on the Giveaway post and you could be the lucky winner!


DiddleDaddleDesigns said...

Brain power, sounds like a good reason to surf to me.

lovefamilymemories said...

I read your post, and clicked on the "brain power." Thank you for that!!! That was a good article.
When thinking of organizing your photos, do consider the best thing EVER: A Creative Memories Power Sort Box. It organizes up to 2400 photos with room in the lid for large photos. It is SO great. You can view it at my website: www.mycmsite.com/marycluley
I have one for each of my children. It is SO great. God bless always,

Coleen said...

That sounds like a really good reason to me!

Jacquelynne said...

I really need some "brain power" - sign me up.

flycatcherjoe said...

a great idea would be to get all your boxes of photos digitized. i saw a neat website recently that had good prices - www.thedigitalconvert.com . i figure instead of buying a scanner, and spending weeks of free time stuck to my seat scanning, i can just have this place do it and have it done in a couple days. the cost is basically the same as buying the scanner alone so why bother wasting my own time.

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