Thursday, October 9

Fall colors!!!

The fall colors here in the Minnesota River Valley are just awesome this year!! I do not remember the colors being quite so vivid last year. Someone said it was because rain and wind blew them from the trees too soon but not this year. Once again I bring you scenes from Henderson, MN. This post is mainly pictures. Enjoy!!

Looking to the east and out to that beautiful ridge of trees.

And to the west where the red leaves just "pop" against the trees that are still loaded with green leaves.

Look how the trees have changed since I first began taking photos in our backyard. This is what I see from my kitchen window!

A favorite spot - this road takes us down the hill and into Henderson. I love this picture.

I walked down the hill to take close-ups of the foliage along the road.

I couldn't get enough of it. The colors are absolutely gorgeous.

Another view of the same area but each photo shows something different.

I think this one is worthy of being enlarged and framed.

Back up the hill and one last look down into the valley. The colors in all these pictures seemed to be more vivid after the rain. I am glad that I took these photos as today the wind is swirling leaves and soon the lovely colors will be on the ground for leaf-raking and fire-burning. I love fall!! Hope you enjoyed all these fall colors.

I posted this leaf before but I have to post it once again because I think it is so pretty. It is inspiring me to make a quilt based on this little leaf. I have time for another project...........only time will tell!
Hope you are having a lovely fall day (or spring) wherever you are!


Kim~"HomeIsWhereTheHeartIs" said...

Beautiful pictures! Our leaves are just starting to change a little bit...hopefully soon...I just love Fall!

Thank you for visiting me...I appreciate it and hope you'll come back again soon!

Coleen said...

More than one of those photos should be blown up and framed. They are gorgeous.

There's always time for one more project, isn't there?

pdudgeon said...

those photos are definitely inspiring me! i love the contrast of the dark greens against all the lovely yellows, golds,oranges, browns and reds of Fall. yep, i feel another quilt comming on!

your city is so beautiful. i love to see the old buildings on main streets preserved. thanks for the tour.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Sandi, Your Autumn photos are beautiful. A lovely area where you live. Hugs Judy

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