Saturday, October 18

Birthdays and Cupcakes make me smile!

Well, I promised a cupcake story and it's time to deliver the goods. First let me say that I wanted to share the photo below with you and I have spent the last half hour trying to figure out how I loaded the last black and white photo to my blog and I totally cannot recall how I did it. My previous attempt was done differently than this one because it was clear and this one is fuzzy. I'll have to do more research on this because I have more black and white photos to share.

Back to the subject of cupcakes......this is National Cupcake Day! I like cupcakes. Who doesn't? One of my favorite treats as a kid was chocolate Hostess cupcakes and it's still a favorite for the kid that still lives within me! :-) My mother was a good baker and I remember that one of her best treats was cupcakes at Easter time. I loved being able to bring cupcakes to school for a special treat. They were always chocolate and covered with green icing that was topped with coconut that she had tossed with green food coloring to look like grass. Then she added jelly beans for the eggs. They were so cute and soooooo good. One of her best cakes was a Chocolate Mayonnaise cake that was exceptionally good and moist. Yum, yum.

Two years ago at my 40th high school reunion, I discovered that I wasn't the only one who remembered my mother's cupcakes. As several of us girls recalled birthday and slumber parties, my friend Kathy said "oh, and I remember your mom's cupcakes and how I loved to come to birthdays at your house!" I was really touched to know that she remembered because that was more than 40 years ago, my friends. Evidence of that fact is this picture taken on my sixth birthday. There we all are in our fancy birthday dresses and all this amidst spring flooding that had caused our house that was being built to be flooded so it had to be moved to higher ground (hence the unfinished look to the steps, etc.). You can't stop girls from having fun!

That's me on the lower left with my cousin, Kathy sitting next to me. The second row, left to right are my friend Linda and my cousins, Shirley and Janet (they lived up over the hill from us and I loved to visit because they had all these wonderful quilts on their beds!). The second row is friend Judy, cousin Linda, and friend Charlene and the top row is friend Darlene, then my sister Judy and neighbor and friend, Adeline. I surely do remember that we had an awfully lot of fun together!

I think I'll have to make some special cupcakes for Halloween this year. I feel a burst of orange and green frosting, chocolate cake creativity coming on!!



Chris' Shady Grove said...

Boy don't you miss those days sometime? I love wearing my blue jeans but I loved to put on that beautiful dress for a special friends birthday partyor baking with mom for my birthday party.

knitwit said...

I love those childhood memories too, and the photgraphs that bring back even more memories. Now some of us are helping to create memories for our Grandchildren. I made cupcakes last weekend for my youngest Grandson Sam's Ist birthday. As Ilive in Canada we were also celebrating Thanksgiving.

Jacquelynne said...

I remember the tradition in school for kids to bring in cupcakes for their birthday to celebrate. Only trouble was that my birthday is in the summer and I always felt left out! But they are still fun and take me back to childhood.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

That picture should be framed and kept up all the time! It is so cute. Ah the days when all little girls wore dresses. I remember them! And cupcakes. We aren't even allowed to bring home made food to the school anymore or serve home baked goods anywhere but at home. The health dept. killed that. I'm partial to tastykake cupcakes. Much better than Hostess! They are made in philadelphia. I remember getting 10 cents and going to get chocolate tastykake cupcakes at the corner store. Ahhh vintage memories!

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