Sunday, August 17

It was a "beary" good time!

It is quiet tonight and all the toys and books that come with a grandson have been put away. After being here for four days, our grandson, Jacob, went back home with mom and dad. But while he was here, we had a "beary" good time. We are going to do our own blog with more pictures just for family but here is a sampling of the good times we had the past few days.

Here are some pictures that I promised in a previous post that feature "Brown Bear". Jacob said it looked like "Brown Bear" was "eyeing" my ice cream cone when we made a stop at Toody's Sweets and Treats on Main Street. The ice cream would mess up his fur so he decided to read the local newspaper, The Henderson Independent.
We made a quick stop at the grocery store where he picked out the bread for us and then we took him to the park next to City Hall. We took a picture of him on almost every piece of equipment on the playground. Jacob enjoyed it most when he was giving him a ride on the merry-go-round.
Then we came home to paint and work on our "masterpieces" and Jacob decided "Brown Bear" should join us. We were going to take him to the library yesterday but got busy and never made it there. Then this morning as we left church, Jacob reminded me that we were going to bring him to church and we had forgot him. We plan to do that next time he visits. We had a lot of goofy fun with this!

This last picture is my favorite. Jacob wanted to know if he could walk Kaiser, our beagle all by himself. Kaiser's a rather fiesty little dog and would be dragging you down the road if he saw a squirrel, rabbit, or someone else walking their dog. But as this photo shows, Kaiser was being a good dog and so, boy and dog were getting along just fine.
None of this has anything to do with quilting but it all adds to the joy of day-to-day living and makes it all worthwhile.
Time for a good night's sleep.......zzzzzzzzzzzz.....zzzzzz.......

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Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Aw what a nice grandmother you are. I only hope I can enjoy my grandchildren some day like this.

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