Sunday, February 23

A pleasant side-effect from surgery.......

and that "side-effect" is.......time to stitch!!!  Actually, I finished the two wool stitcheries in the photo below at least two years ago. Some of you may recognise them as they are from a free BOM designed by Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill designs. I "sew-enjoyed" stitching the first two designs and got busy and I put the project aside. 

Then last fall, I gave it a try again. Got out my wool fabrics and choose the wool for each of the ten remaining baskets. I began stitching the Halloween block right away because it was October and I was stitching this while I awaited the Trick or Treaters. I almost finished the block that night and just have the leaves at the top to finish. Again, I set it aside when life got busy.
Well, life got even busier/crazier when I learned I'd have to have hernia surgery but I got smart. In the two weeks before surgery, I decided to round up some of these projects that always get set aside when life gets busy. I prepared two blocks that I could stitch on during my recovery. Yesterday, I added little white flowers to the shamrock design and only have to add the bunnies eye and a bow. It will be finished by tomorrow. The little basket with the chocolate bunny is all ready and waiting for me to start stitching on it when the first of March comes.
In the remaining days of February, I'm going to stitch a little on another project that has been set aside.  A year or so ago, I stitched this pretty block from from the pattern "Twilight Garden" designed by Jeanne Prue. She offered it as a free BOM a few years ago. This first block is called "Lady Slipper".
And so........prior to my surgery, I gathered wool for this project, too. Tucked pieces of the colors I needed in my wooly basket and this week, following my surgery, I would old movies.......and cut out the pieces for the next three blocks! The February block is "Colombine" and that's what I'll be stitching on this week. The second block is for March and is "Poppies". The third block in this photo is for April and I can't remember the name but I think it's something about "Trumpets". I am loving this opportunity to work on my wool projects. I love hand-stitching and simply have not done enough of it the past couple years. I've said it before ......... I love hand-stitching better than machine stitching and that's the truth!
My friend, Sue, brought me a pretty bouquet of carnations and I've received cards from friends and family. I love getting cards in the mail. :-)
This afternoon, our daughter came over and we chatted while I worked on another hand-stitching project. Will share that one soon. Collette and I worked together and fixed a yummy chicken and noodle hot dish with green beans and some homemade biscuits I took from the freezer. My husband has been doing the cooking the past week and he welcomed someone else doing the cooking. That meant that he and grandson, Jacob, could stay focused on racing. They spent the weekend watching everything NASCAR. The only hard part was the rain-delay that meant Jacob had to go home before the race was over. But, it's on tape, so he can enjoy it later. Tomorrow, son, Devlin is coming out and going to lend a hand moving some stuff about and I'm thinking he might be the one cooking tomorrow night. :-)  I think it's time for a cup of cocoa, accompanied by a little more hand-stitching........
Have a good week!

Friday, February 14

Valentine's Day 2014!

Wishing you all a lovely day! Thanks to those who have sent well-wishes for my upcoming surgery. Having surgery on Valentine's Day isn't quite the treat I might wish for but I do wish for good health and so I'm okay with it. I have a stack of books and magazines to enjoy as I recover and a pile of wool quilt blocks to work on so I am prepared. Oh, and the laundry's done and the house is clean and my husband will be doing the cooking for a couple of weeks. Love it.  :-)  

Saturday, February 1

The wind blew in a change or two!

Oh, my! What do you think of my "new look"?  My son Devlin came out to visit this weekend just for fun and .......because the wind wasn't blowing and no snow was falling so travel was easy! And speaking of easy......he can do graphic design stuff so quickly and all I had to do was choose a few pictures, then sit back and let him do the work! There's still some more "tweeking" that I'll do with text colors and stuff but this is our start.
I'm so excited to have a "fresh look" for my blog because I think it will inspire me to get back to blogging. You all may remember that back on January 1st, I was hopeful that I would get back to "regular blogging".  Uh, clearly that has not happened. In a nutshell, here's what has been going on the past few weeks.......

First week of January started off quite nicely. We enjoyed watching the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and as always I said...."someday I want to go there in person!"  I want to see how they take all those flowers and make those lovely floats. I also wouldn't mind getting away from cold weather. And yes, we have had more than our share of it this past month. Schools have closed more than a couple of times due to the below zero weather that had -40 degree windchills with it. Luckily, we did not have to be "out and about" on any of the bad weather days. I started a new group at our church (St. Pauls' UCC here in Henderson, MN) called the "Caring Circle". We tied three small quilts in our first meetings (there's an afternoon group and an evening group).  I got my block of the month project started in our Henderson "Sew and Share" group that meets the second Thursday of each month at the Henderson Library. I am sharing my Christmas fabrics so we can all make the project in Christmas colors! Have wanted to do this for a long time and this was the year to do it. So, all that sounds pretty good, right?
But, in between some of those things, we were off to the vet with Kaiser and then to the doctor for me. Kaiser had to have a bit of exploratory surgery as it was thought he had a tumor but it appears it's his liver, very enlarged. So he's on some meds that will comfort him and we'll take it one day at a time. My issue is ... ugh ... a hernia related to surgery I had two years ago. The day after Kaiser had his surgery and we'd been up most of the night with him.......I had to tell Steve that I was not well. A quick call to my doctor, shared my symptoms and was told to go to the nearest emergency room. So, off we went. Some blood tests and a CTScan gave some answers, then a visit for a surgical consult led to setting a surgery date for hernia repair. And guess will be my Valentine's Day gift! LOL!  That's right, surgery will be the highlight of my day. Don't think I'll have any desire for chocolates. All I want is to get fixed up and then home so I can get back to all the quilting, family, volunteering, church, library, friends, fun stuff of life!

And now.........we're done with the blogging thing for tonight and time to watch a movie and enjoy some popcorn.........
Back soon!

Wednesday, January 1

Happy New Year! 2014

Welcome to a new year...... 2014!!! I suppose this means that it's time to put away the Christmas decorations but I just can't "bear" to do it.............
And so........the tree and all the decorations are staying put until the end of the month. Oh, yes, they are. I'll take them down in time for Valentine's Day ........ maybe.  :-)
I am glad that a new year has begun and we can close the door on 2013. It was a rough year. This past Christmas was the first one when we went home to Iowa but there was no home to go as my mom has moved to the Care Center. I am glad she is so well-cared for at Grandview in Dayton. But, as we took our usual trip down Hwy 169 to visit her, it was with sadness that I looked out at the farms and towns we pass through and I thought of folks and Christmases past. I found myself just a wee bit melancholy but when we got to the Care Center, there was singing and Santa made an appearance and there were gifts, food and laughter so we were just making new and different memories. And so it goes. Life has it's stages and changes and it's ups and downs. And most of it is good so I cannot complain. We are blessed to have home, family and friends, food and warmth. Life is good. Here's wishing all of you all that is good in life. Look for the Joy in everything. That's my word for this year. It's been my "word of the year" before and it "bears" repeating!  I am going to focus on JOY all year long.......and I'll be keeping Christmas all year long, too. And, I guess, that if I was making a resolution, it would be that I would get back to regular blogging. It could happen!! In the meantime.......Happy, Happy New Year to all of you!

Tuesday, December 24

Wishing you a blessed Christmas!

As I hum Christmas carols and finish up last-minute details, I had to share this photo of the manger scene that I made over 40 years ago. I took a ceramics class when we were stationed in Japan and painted the figures of Mary, Joseph, the baby Jesus and the Angel. I have always placed them under the branches of the Christmas tree. Well, until we got our dog, Kaiser. Now they sit on our book shelf because Kaiser is too curious and likes to read/eat books. Can't have any of that! Here's a link to one of my favorite Christmas songs. I sang this one a couple of years ago, along with other carols, that my son, Devlin, recorded. He enhanced my acapella version with what he called "the church sound". I hope you enjoy it and find peace in the message........

Christmas Eve, 2013

It's the wee hours of Christmas Eve and I have been enjoying Christmas music while I wrap gifts. This has been a busy holiday season. Lots of hustle and bustle with family, church and library activities and a trip to Iowa to see my mom. The fudge you see in this picture went along, too.........
I made a couple batches of fudge to take to the Christmas party at the Care Center where my mother lives. There was so much good food!  And time and visiting with old friends........and even Santa! And here he is, wishing all of us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 
And that's my wish for all of you..........Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, too! Our family will be celebrating together this Christmas Eve at our house. Looking forward to good food, some games, gifts and lots of fun. Here in Minnesota, we are likely going to set some records for cold weather. Ah, but we have warm hearts! Yes, it might be the coldest Christmas in a long time but this is Minnesnowta! I do think that Santa might want to be sure to wear his long-underwear and some wool socks, for sure!  ;-)
Have a wonderful Holiday!

Thursday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving and a preview of Holiday Traditions...........

Wishing all of you a very Happy Thanksgiving!!! And, if you are in the Henderson, MN area and you are looking for something to do, then come to our "Holiday Traditions" event at the library. Stop in on Friday, November 29th from 2-8 p.m. or Saturday, November 30th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  Here are a few photos to entice you to visit...........
The little tree in the photo of above is one of the items in our silent auction. The pretty quilt on the bench is one that my mom and dad bought at a farm auction years ago. There's a drawing for a copy of the book "The Traditions of Christmas" and for the kids.......a teddy bear and some Christmas tree bell ornaments.
 There are several tables full of awesome Christmas and holiday items..........
there is something for everyone!
Christmas music is playing in the background while you check out all the silent auction items........

There's even a "Blue Christmas" tree that Elvis would love!
 And a pretty Angel-themed tree!
My favorite thing is the big tree that is decorated with donated books that will go to the Lion's Club Toy Drive on Dec. 8th. And the big stocking is being filled with baking supplies that will be donated to the Sibley County Food Shelf. If you come to visit, bring a book or a bag of chocolate chips, etc. to share!
The event continues next week and final bids must be placed on Friday, Dec. 6th by 7:00 p.m.  Here's the flyer with all the info. Hope to see you there!
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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