Sunday, November 1

And the dark of night comes early today!

Yes, today is the day we got that hour back, you know......the one we gave up in the Spring when Daylight Savings Time kicked in. I never really bought into DST and I would be happy if it would just disappear and we would not have to worry about setting clocks forward or backward. But........that is not going to happen. What is happening? Well, I am here blogging. I keep saying I am going to blog more regularly but this past year has been the busiest and one of the best for family times and volunteer projects and there was just never enough time for blogging. I miss doing my regular blog posts, though. I began blogging in May of 2008 following the passing of my dad. It helped me through that time of grief and beyond. It doesn't seem possible that he has been gone for seven years. It seems like only yesterday that he was still here. I think of him so often when I am doing projects or we are enjoying some family activity that I know he would enjoy. When I go home to visit my mother, I take things for "show and tell" and we share treats and pictures and good times. A few weeks ago, I was remembering some special times in the fall of the year. It's my favorite season. Yes, I dearly love the Christmas season but autumn warms my heart. I love the colors, the sound of the leaves as they rustle down the street, the smell of bonfires, and even the early darkness as we head into the winter season. It was with those thoughts that I sketched a little design for a pincushion and needlecase set. You may remember that I shared a pincushion back in January - just go Here and you can see that first pincushion.
Here is the little autumn themed pincushion set I designed and titled "Autumn Nights"............

Patterns for the designs are posted in my Pincushions and Pretties group on Facebook. You'll find the group here......

and also in my Wooly Buddies group, also on Facebook now.........

This was a quick and easy little set to make. That said, took me a week to do it just because I was busy with some volunteer projects that had to be done. You could easily make this in an afternoon or evening of stitching.
Stitching the applique pieces….Position pumpkin shape on one 5” square of woolfelt, tacked lightly with glue stick. Stitch the pumpkin piece, then add stem, leaf and vine. I chose to stitch outer edge of pumpkin and stem in blanket stitch. Leaf and vine were done in a stem/outline stitch. I mark these lines with a silver gel pen, then stitch. 
For the needlecase, fold a 5 x 8” piece of wool or woolfelt in half, then position moon on front of needlecase piece. Tack in place, then stitch. I used blanket stitch but a simple overcast stitch would be fine, too. I added stitch lines for the eye and mouth. 

I used Heat’n Bond Lite and ironed it to the reverse side of cotton fabric, peeled the paper away and pressed the cotton fabric to the inside of the needlecase.  Next, position a 2-1/2” x 4-1/2” rectangle in center of folded case and stitch along left edge. Stitch around edge of needlecase with blanket stitch. I added a felt star but in future, I would add a cute star button!
I "auditioned" several colors of Perle cotton that I thought I might use to stitch around the pincushion and the needlecase. In the end, though, I chose black and I liked that the best.

To complete the pincushion, place the finished square on top of remaining square and stitch around outer edge. I leave a 3” opening across the bottom. I make small bags from scraps of knit fabric and fill them with the crushed walnut shells. Cut a 5 x 8” piece of knit, fold it over and stitch on both sides. Turn inside out and fill with crushed walnut shells (about one cup, don’t overfill!), then machine or hand-stitch to close the opening. Stuff this into the finished pincushion “shell”. Get it just right, then finish stitching along the edge of your pincushion and you are finished! 

Hope you have enjoyed this project and "mini" tutorial. Next up is a Thanksgiving themed pincushion. I bet it might have a turkey theme.........just maybe!
Have a great Monday and an awesome week!

P.S. Here is the pattern page that you will find in my stitching groups.............

Friday, October 2


Yes, it's me. I have had the busiest, but the best summer in years. There was little time for blogging. My last post was about computer problems and those were solved the day after I posted. But then a flurry of activity just kept me from the computer. It was all good. I will catch up on all that goodness when I return from the quilt show in my hometown of Lehigh. If you are anywhere near my hometown this weekend, please stop in and say HELLO!

Here are two reasons for my busy, happy summer. Daughter Collette and son Devlin are pictured at her annual Little Stars daycare picnic in June. Her daycare was making a transition from a downtown location to a new, renovated space in the old Mankato Fire Station. Collette and Devlin worked together this summer just like they used to play together as kids.  We all got involved. Steve helped with computer and phone set-up, I made treats. :-) More pics will follow of the new space and all the other summer activities that we all enjoyed.

And now, my car is packed full of quilts, aprons, and other pretties and we are headed to Iowa. Devlin is driving and is going to be my "muscleman" for setting up the quilts, along with my brother, Doug. My energy level isn't what it used to be and let's face it......I will never get any taller and it really helps to be tall when hanging quilts and stuff. ;-) I will have lots of pictures to share when I return. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 7

Computer Problems!

This past Wednesday morning, just a few hours after I posted that I was going to share photos and fun stuff..........guess what? we got a rather lively thunderstorm and quite a bit of lightning and it appears that it zapped our router for the computer. My husband tried all sorts of technical things that day to resurrect said router but it was not to be. So, he called to order a replacement..........and it's "out of stock"! On Friday, he went shopping to see if he could find one locally but none in stock. But, he did find one that Office Max ordered up and it will be delivered by Monday or Tuesday. And they gave him free shipping. Nice touch! I am typing this from his computer which he somehow hooked up to an old router but it doesn't work to have more than one computer on it. This technical stuff is a real pain. I would have had to call the Geek Squad for sure. LOL! Hopefully, he will have the computer up and running soon. I am really missing the daily check-in for e-mails, blogs and Facebook!!
Hope to be back soon with the promised photos!
P.S. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Tuesday, June 2

What a great day!

Today was my birthday. It was awesome! It was relaxing and refreshing, just the day to get me inspired to get back to my blog. There has been so little time to blog these last months, so many things going on and no time to share. However, that means there are fun things to share and now I have time. There are pictures and projects just waiting to see the light of day. If I had remembered to charge my camera battery, I could load pics and share them now. That will have to wait til tomorrow. Here's a little peak at some fun that took place this past Sunday. I took this photo with my tablet. I'll share the story in my next post on Wednesday evening!

Saturday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hearts! Hearts! Hearts! I love, there, everywhere and in all colors! Several years ago, I designed this little penny rug that I call "Connecting Hearts" because if there is one thing that happens among friends and family, it is that our hearts are connected in love and friendship! I took a few photos last week so I could share these with you. This first one is made from woolfelt. Love working with woolfelt (from National Nonwovens) as it is soft and so easy to stitch and it comes in an abundance of colors. Plus you can dye it if you can't find the color you want! I took photos with my camera and with my tablet and neither one could get the colors right. This first one is close.......soft teal, with burgundy hearts............
But this next one.....oh, not right at all! Looks like it's bright blue and hot pink! Not!

It is deep blue with red hearts and a light blue floral motif in the center. The large hearts are the same as the outer hearts. 

This one is closer to it's true colors........Christmas red and Christmas green. I made two in these fabrics, one for me and one for my daughter. Each is just a wee bit different but still all the same fabrics/colors.
 I figured I needed a heart penny rug for each season of the year so this is my one for Autumn. Love the plaid and it, too, it almost true to it's colors. I entered this one in the Scott County Fair in 2004 and it earned a Blue Ribbon and a Reserve Grand Champion Ribbon. That's as good as winning a lottery ticket for me!

My favorite of the heart penny rugs that I've made is this one as I love the colors and enjoyed doing the embroidery on this one. This one just makes me smile........

Actually, anything that has hearts and has anything to do with Valentine's Day makes me smile. I remember how much I enjoyed making special Valentines, decorating those boxes and hoping for a Valentine from that special boy. My kids loved the whole Valentine thing, too. They're grown and long gone from the nest but I went on to do after-school kids classes making Valentines and then we started coloring them to donate. And so last Sunday, a group of us gathered at my church and colored and cut Valentines that were then delivered to nearby Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Homes. It was a good project all around as we all got creative..........
 mothers, daughters, sons, cousins, .........
younger members and young-at-heart members like Arline and Bert Karels who taped the candies to the cards.
 Pastor Deb and Dawn McConnell are so intent on their coloring!!
 And so is Hailey!
We enjoyed a hot dog lunch and treats and enjoyed a great day that led to a little bit of enjoyment for others. At the end of the day, we had about 120 Valentines that had been colored and another 118 that I printed by finding free Valentines on-line. In the background is my little white tree that now has red crystals on it and a giant heart for celebrating Valentine's Day. ;-)
This was just half the Valentines that were delivered. The total Valentines that were delivered was close to 250 (I colored a few extras after I got home).

The Valentines that we colored are designs that I drew back in the 1990's for miniature projects that I was making. I wanted to recreate those Valentine memories and just sat down and started drawing things that I recalled from when I was a kid. There's more to the story but for now..........just Have a Happy Valentine's Day! 

Tuesday, January 27

A little January Christmas surprise!

One of my longtime blog followers sent me a little package last week. Inside, were these pretty little ornaments. Sending a big THANK YOU to Nadine, the Owl Lady!!
Have been busy stitching, enjoying family time and cleaning some closets. The tree is still up but must come down this weekend!  I am ready to "kick into Valentine mode" so time to put away all the Christmas pretties til next year.  Happy End-of-January!

Wednesday, January 21

A little stitching project............

I have been enjoying this time of "stay-at-home" vacation. Have watched several favorite old movies and read some good books. Am enjoying lots of hand-stitching on wooly projects. This afternoon, I finished this one.

I have posted the pattern in my "Pincushion and Pretties" group on Facebook. If you are on Facebook, check it out!  To visit my group, just go here.........
Each month, I will be sharing a new pattern. Tutorials for the projects will be posted here on my blog. All of the pincushions will be made from Woolfelt from National Nonwovens. Back to my stitching.........
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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