Wednesday, November 21

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am so thankful for my family, my friends, a home, a car, food in the fridge. I could go on. I am thankful for so many blessings and thankful to be able to share and give back. I hope this day you are also blessed. Tonight, I set aside a small bundle of $1 bills to drop in the Salvation Army kettles. I decided I won't keep any $1 bills, they'll all go in the kettles. Even when one gives a little, it can mean a lot. Have a wonderful day!

Friday, June 15

Remembering my dad......

Today, June 14th, was Flag Day but it was also always a special day because it was my dad's birthday. I'm reflecting a bit tonight and realizing that it's been ten years since he passed. Sure do miss him. He had the nicest smile and he just enjoyed visiting with folks, loved his kids (me, my sister, Judy and my brother, Doug) and loved his grandkids. And, of course, he loved his wife, my mother, Mary. When he passed, I was really sad and it was just a few weeks later that I started blogging. My son, Devlin, encouraged me that I could blog. He was right. I loved blogging and sharing my projects and doing giveaways. I didn't realize it, but it was therapy. My dad would have loved to know all the people I "met" through my blog! He would have enjoyed seeing the various projects I received in swaps and all the places where they came from. He enjoyed making things and always wanted to know the latest project that we were all working on. That little wooden teddy bear in the wagon is something he made many years ago. He liked to work with wood, my mother loved to sew and craft. And they taught us well!
For several years I was a very active blogger but then two things mother's health declined and my own health took a hit. And then joined Facebook and I began to chat there and pretty soon I couldn't keep up with both. My blog has been seriously neglected. I have tried to get back to regular blogging but it just hasn't "clicked" again. My mother passed in February of 2016. I was more comfortable with the grief process for my mother. She suffered a great deal in her last years. Dementia robbed her of the joy of many a day. I found peace when I knew she was at peace.
In the midst of all the things that went on in my life, I was always stitching or planning some stitching project. My mother taught to sew as a young girl and I have just loved it all my life. When it comes my time to go to a Care Center, I'll be taking needle and thread with me, maybe a small sewing machine. I remember a local lady that did that. Not planning a move anytime soon but we never know when our health will take a turn. And that brings me to another thing that I never blogged about. My health took a turn in November of 2017. I had been diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocyctic Leukemia in August of 2014. I was at Stage O and went for regular blood checks every three months. Things stayed pretty stable and then.....I went for a regular three month check-up in November of 2017 and all my blood numbers were totally skewed. I was anemic and didn't even know it. Seriously anemic. I knew I was tired but told myself I was "just getting old". Long story short, just four days later my doctor wanted me to start chemo-immunotherapy treatment but before I could even finish the first session, I had to have a blood transfusion. The next two months were kinda sketchy as I needed three more blood transfusions and another round of chemo. And just when things seemed to be looking up......I developed a hernia condition and treatment had to stop so I could have surgery. All I could tell family and friends was....."you can't make this stuff up!" After recovery from surgery, treatment began again and just two more sessions brought me into remission! Hallelujah! I was so thankful. Lots of prayers from family and friends, all so appreciated. During this time, our son-in-law was also undergoing cancer treatment. His battle continues and he is doing okay. My prayer is that he will soon get the same good news that I did.
So here I am tonight, just reflecting. I spent this day making a patriotic table runner. I'll share it when it's finished. We'll see if you can spot my piecing mistake. I decided not to fix it. Sometimes even mistakes are meant to be. It felt so good to make something quilty. I've done more handwork than machine stitching and it felt good to put my sewing machine to work! 
Guess that's about it for now. I'll be back again......soon.
Sandi still stitching ..... still making plans ...... :-)

Wednesday, February 14

Happy Valentine's Day!!

How many of you remember buying a big book of Valentines then punching them out and addressing them to special family and friends?  I found this book at a vendor  at a flea market and had to have it! Share a memory with me!
Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sunday, October 22

Revisiting the past....

I have not been good a blogging for quite some time. As I've said before.....there are seasons to everything and for a time, it just wasn't my season to blog. I have lots to share though and I think the season for blogging must begin again!  Yes, I've said that many times in the past couple years but now the time is right because.........
Last week I took a trip home to Iowa then went on to Missouri. I enjoyed an awesome week of visiting with my cousins and visiting the town where my mother was born and going to places I went with my parents when I was a kid. It was one of the best weeks of my life, .......... emotional, inspirational, joyful, just wonderful!  
I met several quilters while I was there as I was near Hamilton, MO and Missouri Star Quilt Company. Events from last week have inspired me with oodles of quilty, crafty ideas. To get the ball rolling, I got to thinking that I'd like to share a challenge. I haven't done a giveaway in ages but I'm thinking I need to do just that. The challenge will involve a project I shared here on my blog quite some time ago. This project is the one that will be part of the challenge.......

I'm putting together my idea and will post details later this week. I'm still unpacking quilts and stuff I took along on my trip. That should all be done by mid-week and I'll post about my little challenge. Till then.......
Have a beautiful Sunday!


EDIT!  Shortly after I did this post, my health took a nose-dive. This project is "on the back burner" but I'll be back soon.

Sunday, June 18

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to all dads near and far, those who are step-dads or who stepped up when needed, even mom's who had to be dads. It's all family and that's all good! This is a photo I've shared many dad, Melvin, covered with a quilt that he bought at an auction in Dayton, Iowa in about 1999. He and my mom gave it to me for Christmas then. The quilt is almost identical to one that his mother, my Grandma Goldie made sometime in the 1950's. It's a cool bit of coincidence! I remain ever thankful for my dad. He was a sweet guy with a great smile and always a cheery hello for everyone. He and my mom are together now. Gone but never, ever forgotten.
Today is also my husband Steve's birthday. We had a good day and we were going to enjoy eating out on the deck. He had grilled up a steak and I had set out potato salad and other fixings. And just as he put the steaks on our plates..........raindrops began to fall as sun broke out! Too funny. So we put everything on the tray and headed inside to the kitchen table. There'll be another day for outdoor dining!
Tomorrow is Monday. Looking forward to a good week! Hope it is a good one for all of you!

Wednesday, June 14

Flag Day, 2017

It's Flag Day, a day to celebrate our nation's flag! and it's also the day of my dad's birth. He would have been 91 years old this day. Seems like only yesterday that he was still with us and yet it has been nine years since he passed. It was because of my dad and how much I missed him that I started blogging. He passed April 29th of 2008 and just a few weeks later on Memorial Day, May 26th, I started blogging. I had read that blogging was as good as therapy. It turned out that was so true.
I still miss my dad a lot. He was such a good guy, had a kind heart and a sweet smile. He loved his family and was proud to have served his country in the U.S. Army in the final months of WWII. One of the things he enjoyed was building and making things with wood. I came across the photo above that was taken a few years ago. He made that cute little wooden bear that is holding the Red, White and Blue! Happy Birthday, Daddy! And Happy Flag Day to all of you!

Tuesday, June 13

National Sewing Machine Day!

I was planning to post today about my weekend project and about the great little sewing machine that I used for that project. Then today, I learned from my quilting friends that it's National Sewing Machine Day! How perfect to share these photos today! This is my newest sewing machine.....a Juki and what a great little machine it is! I was hemming/altering drapes for my daughter's daycare and this little workhorse handled the task perfectly! I don't usually sew in my dining room but I needed to spread out because of the length of the drapes. My heavy duty portable is at my daughter's house because I left it there after working on a mug rug project with my grandson, Jacob. I was only sewing straight seams so I knew this should work but I was pleasantly surprised at the way this machine handled thicknesses of the drapery fabric. It is awesome! Drapes are done and I'm a happy camper. So is daughter Collette as they keep the sun out of her office and off her computer screen. ;-)

I have six sewing machines......they all work, even the antique treadle that my Great Aunt Bell used to sew clothes for my mother and that my mother used to sew baby clothes for me. My husband replaced the belt and it works! However, I use it just for display. Then there is my Singer Touch and Sew that my husband bought for me at the Base Exchange when he was in the Air Force and stationed in Japan. That sewing machine was my close friend during the time we were so far away from home. I made baby clothes, my clothes, drapes, and my first quilt on that machine. Then came the need for a portable machine to take to retreats so I bought a White Heavy Duty. It was portable but as well as being awesome at sewing through many layers of fabric, it wasn't all that "portable". So I bought a little Janome and it worked really well. Then I passed it on to my mother when she moved into her apartment. When she went to the Care Center, it was passed on to my niece. I missed having a little sewing machine to take to our quilting meetings so I bought another little Janome. I wasn't looking for another machine but then one day I was out-and-about with my grandson, Jacob. We over in Faribault last fall and had toured the old theater there and we were just "Christmas window shopping". We passed the window of a sewing machine shop and Jacob said "don't you want to go in, Grandma?" and I answered "no, I have enough sewing machines". And then I said..."well, maybe we should go in......".  And then I saw that little Juki and it was pink and white! And it was on sale because of the Sewing Expo going on in Minneapolis! Oh, I was caught. LOL!  I asked the sales lady if I could hear the machine sew. She sat down and I heard that nice "purrr" of a smooth little machine. I told her I wasn't looking for a machine, we were just having a Christmas window-shopping day but I would think about it. Well, guess what? I got home and I thought about it over night. Called B & J sewing the next morning and asked if they could hold a machine for me til I could get back to Faribault to pick it up. Of course, they said they could. I decided that I would buy myself a little Christmas gift.........I mean after all, we were "Christmas window-shopping" and I just happened to find something that I didn't know was on my list!

Since it was a Christmas gift to myself, I didn't open it til Christmas. My first project with it was to make some pretty pillow cases for my pink guest bedroom........

I wanted pillow cases that would blend with my quilt and with the tulip pillow I made some time ago. I had some pretty pink and green cottons so I made two floral pillowcases trimed in pink and green, then two white pillow cases trimmed in green with a pretty pink floral trim. The quilt on the bed is the one that I won at the Lehigh Historical Society raffle several years ago. I love it. It's a quilt from JCPenney but it is so nice! 
I've made a few other small projects with my little Juki but they are all in the half-done stage. Life got busy with some health issues but I'm back-on-track once again. Ready to work on some red, white and blue patriotic projects tomorrow so I'll be back again soon! 
Hope you all are enjoying this great day! 
"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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