Wednesday, April 28

Making a May Basket - Part I

You may have many of these supplies on hand but here is what you will need to make a May Basket similar to the one in my previous post.
You will need:
One piece of construction paper
A pencil and/or pen for marking
A luncheon plate or bowl for making the circle
A ruler
Glue - I prefer Tacky
Rubber band and binder clips
Heat-n-Bond Lite
Pretty fabric
Pretty trims
And now you are ready to go.......but first......skim over the photos to see what you will be doing and then come back and begin the project. Read the directions carefully.

Begin by placing your bowl or plate on the construction paper. Trace around it to make a circle. With your ruler, mark two strips that are 3/4" wide and the width of the paper that will be used for the handle.

Cut out the circle and the handle strip as shown. At this time, do not cut the handle into two strips!
Place the strip and the circle on your chosen fabric and cut a section of fabric as shown in the photo below.
The next step will be to fuse the fabric to the paper pieces. Cut a piece of Heat-n-Bond Lite the same size as your fabric piece. See below.

Iron the fusible to the fabric per package directions.

In the photo above, the fabric has been fused. Do not remove the paper backing yet. You are ready to trace the handle strip and circle to the reverse side of the fused fabric piece.

In the photo above, the pieces have been traced and are ready to be cut out. Set the handle pieces aside. We will work on the basket shape first.

With your circle cut out, you can now peel away the paper backing and iron the fabric circle to the construction paper circle per directions on fusible package.

The next step is to glue the trim or rick rack around the edge of your circle. You can see that I placed a fine line of Tacky glue around the edge of the circle. I do this a small section at a time until it is...... finished!

Time to take a break while you let the glue dry on this a bit. You can also heat set it with your iron. Do so very carefully. You might want to cover with a piece of muslin when doing this. Fix yourself a cup of tea or coffee, have a soda or a cookie, then come back and continue making your basket!

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Pat said...

GOOD tutorial so far...and I"m sure the rest of it will be just as clear!

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