Wednesday, April 28

Making a May Basket! - Part II

Hope you had a nice little break. Now we're ready to finish the basket/cone shape. I roll the shape first to see how I want it to look. You can adjust the shape of the basket/cone by rolling it tighter for a narrower look and loosely for a fuller look. I'm sort of "in-between" on this one.

Holding the cone in one hand, place glue on the inside flap as shown in the photo below.

Then place glue along the outer edge as shown in this photo...........

Use a rubber band to hold the point at the bottom of the basket/cone and use a small binder clip to secure the top part. You can use a hot glue gun on this part if you wish. I just happen to prefer Tacky glue.
Now it's time to make the handle. Press the fusible fabric strip to the strip of construction paper , making sure that the center line is visible so that you may cut the strip in half. Follow the package directions on the Heat-n-Bond when fusing the fabric to the paper.

When the fabric is fused to the paper strip, you can now cut the two strips on the center line.

Spread the Tacky glue on the paper side of one strip. Then press strips together so that you will see fabric on both sides of your handle. Pressing with a warm iron speeds the setting time.

Next, glue the rick rack or other trim along the handle edges. A narrow strip of Tacky is all that's needed to secure the rick rack. Let the handle dry for about 30 minutes before attaching to the basket/cone shape.

Apply a generous amount of Tacky glue to each end of the handle and glue in place. Use the binder clips to hold the handle in place while the glue dries. You can add a ribbon, buttons, any other embellishments that you wish that will make your little May basket festive. I added a cute little ladybug button and a pretty yellow bow to this one. The person who will receive this loves ladybugs!

It's all finished and ready for some candy or flowers. I'm thinking I'll put a little bit of both in this one. I may buy some flowers and then tuck in something sweet, too. Hope you enjoyed this and that you will make a pretty May basket for you or for someone special!!


ooglebloops said...

What a great idea!!! Your tutorial is very simple to understand!!!

Pat said...

Yup...I knew it...this part of the tutorial was also very clear. THANKS!!! I love that ladybug button on your basket....just the right touch!

Sarah or Semmy said...

Thank you Sandi. The tutorial is great! I can see this being used for many different holidays and occasions. You always come up with the neatest ideas.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for reminding me in time Sandi! Plus directions - how sweet!

Sheri said...

Cute May Basket! Brings back fond memories.
A lot of people never heard of May Baskets. I guess it's a mid-western thing.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

I just finished mine Sandi! It turned out pretty cute. I'll be posting it after I fill it tomorrow morning!

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