Monday, December 15

Kindred Kwilter's November Christmas Meeting :-)

Well, it is blowing outside and maybe sleeting, snow is supposedly on the way. Yesterday, while we were out Christmas shopping, the Minneapolis area broke a record of 49 degrees that had stood since 1923.....we hit 51 degrees! And I can tell you the numbers are going to be reversed very soon. High tomorrow will only be about 25. And that's just how it goes here in Minnesota. :-)
I've been so busy lately that when I woke this morning, I was excited that I had no place to go, nothing on my list that absolutely had to be done today. And so, I didn't really do anything until after lunch. That was when I started fiddling with the garland that I wanted to hang along the railing. One minute all the lights worked and the next minute......not! I replaced some bulbs and thought all was well. Carefully took the garland around the corner to the stair railing and plugged it in again and ..........lights didn't work in the middle of the garland. So, I was preparing to take the whole string off and put on a new one, when suddenly they all worked. I decided to secure the bulbs along that stretch and skip adding a new string. By the time I got that hung in place, it was time to fix supper and so I didn't get the finishing touch added to the garland. Will do that tomorrow and post photo tomorrow night.
In the meantime, I thought I'd share photos from our November Christmas meeting of the Kindred Kwilter's of Le Sueur, MN. We were to bring a mug rug for a little gift exchange. I had been so busy with the library set-up that I was up late the night before our meeting to finish my mug rug. I used some sewing themed fabric that was in the collection of fabric that I got from my dear friend, Cindy. I liked the end result and one day, when I have time, I'm going to make one similar to this for me. I didn't use a pattern. That's the fun part of making a mug rug. They are so small that you really don't need a pattern. Just start cutting a few strips or squares, sew them together and see what you come up with!

And here are the gift bags filled with the mug rugs for the exchange.............
Each bag was numbered and we all drew a number, then went to the table and found the bag or wrapped package with our number. And here are the smiling faces of our members and the lovely mug rugs that we all received!

Since I was taking the photos, Sandy Rapp, held up my mug rug that I received. But then someone said we should get a photo of me with the mug rug, so here we are..........
Toby Pharr is on the left and is the leader of our group. Next to her is Margaret Griep who is our treasurer. I'm the newsletter editor. After our little mug rug show, we all enjoyed some sweet goodies. We don't meet in December but we are all looking forward to our meeting in January. And we are hoping that this coming winter will not be as cold and snowy as last year. We had to cancel the January meeting and I think the one in March. Oh, well, there is always quilting to do at home. :-)
All for now. For my local friends, take care if you are out and about tomorrow morning. It is going to be very slippery on the roads and sidewalks!


Lady Jane said...

I love mug rugs. I just made 2 Santa ones that I sent out to friends for their grand kids. Your club rugs a all so cute.

Christine M said...

Everyone's mu rugs were so different. Looks like you all had a lovely time.

Judy1522 said...

Looks like everyone had a great time and it is fun to see the variety of mug rugs.

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