Monday, December 1

It's December!

I am going to try to post every day in December. My blogging has been sporadic for the past year. Seems like family health issues keep me hopping and once again that has been the case this past week and today. My mom had a little "speedbump" but is getting a bit better. My daughter, Collette, though, hit a major "roadblock"......developed a stiff neck that just got worse and worse. Went to the doctor this morning and had an MRI, and still in pain but maybe there will soon be a diagnosis. I appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts you would like to send her way. :-)
I have several things I want to blog about in the coming days. I love this time of the year.......... the Christmas carols, the smell of cookies baking, the Christmas trees, the lights, pretty wrapped presents, and the manger scene placed under the tree. Such a lovely time of the year!
I have had a lot of fun decorating for our library event "Holiday Traditions". We decorated trees, made felt ornaments with the kids, and decorated wreaths with ribbons and glitter ornaments. I had so much fun decorating the wreath for the library activity room that I had to make another one. And this one was for the auto parts store where my son, Devlin, is store manager. I told him my idea and he said, "Go for it". Here it is.........zoom! zoom!

This was so much fun to make that I am going to make one for the Silent Auction at the library next year! I love to wrap the tiny packages and then weave the tiny bows. I used to make oodles of these in the years from the '70's, '80's and '90's when I was active in the Midwest Miniature Guild. I just wrap blocks of styrofoam for the gifts, then add the bow and a little name tag. Each tag is an employee at the store. I might even decorate a little tree with cars and trucks for the Silent Auction next year. Then I should probably do a Princess themed tree.........or zoo animals......or tiny teddy bears. Yep, the list goes on. :-) 
Happy December 1st! 


Gene Black said...

That is adorable. Thanks for showing it to us.

Anonymous said...

The wreathe is wonderful. It's so interesting that "what goes around, comes around" once more!!! The perfect addition that is location specific!!!! Will be praying for your daughter. These things are especially difficult given the time of year when everyone else seems to have "perfect" days!!! Hugs......

Needled Mom said...

Sending prayers for your daughter and your mom, Sandi. I hope they find a diagnosis soon for your daughter.

Your wreath looks beautiful. Those little gifts are darling on it.

Beth said...

The wreath is so cute. I no longer have any of the doll houses that I built, but I think I still have some pieces from my Santa house.
I hope that Collette has an answer soon, or even better resolving symptoms.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

Perfect wreath for a auto parts store. Hope your daughter gets better soon.

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