Thursday, December 18

Fluffy the Snowman.......

Meet "Fluffy the Snowman"..............
If "Fluffy" looks familiar, it might be because I first shared him on my blog in January of 2009. I had this idea to start another blog that would be all about Christmas ornaments. I posted the tutorial for "Fluffy" but that was the only ornament I did that year. That year was probably the start of some of my health problems and while I tried to juggle things, it really didn't work. Perhaps this coming year will be the year that I do an ornament each month. We will see. I'm already planning to take most of the month of January off and re-group. Going to pretend that I have "gone south" but I will really just be here in my sewing room. I love this idea. Makes me happy just to think about it.  :-)
It also makes me happy to know that I got all my Christmas cards addressed this afternoon. My husband thinks I should include a little letter but I'm not in the mood to do one. I suggested he could write a Christmas letter but he wasn't interested. Maybe tomorrow I will put a little note together that I can put in each card. I'll let you know tomorrow evening if that materializes!
And before I forget..........what if you would like to make "Fluffy the Snowman"? Just go here and you will find a detailed tutorial for how to make this snowman ornament. It's just quilt batting scraps, styrofoam balls, bits of felt and glue.......Enjoy!
Happy Friday!!


Kate said...

Fluffy is a cutie. Thank you for the how-to. I have a collection of snowmen and he will be a nice addition.

Judy1522 said...

What a cute snoman ornament and it looks like a fun project. Thanks for the instructions.

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