Saturday, December 6

Decorating Teamwork!

With my daughter, Collette still coping with neck pain, I packed up my glue gun, gathered my craft stuff, a small tree and some lights and went to her house to decorate a tree for her and Daryl and Jacob. Almost as soon as I brought in my supplies, I had two very interested helpers, Marty and Emmet..........

Yes, they were quite interested in a gift bag full of ornaments and I discovered why a couple hours later.........there were two pressed cinnamon ornaments in the bag and I decided not to hang them on the tree!
The tree I brought is one that I usually put in our Family Room next to our kitchen but I've got another smaller tree that will do for this year. I had some garland that we had used on our tree when Collette was little and after I put on the lights, I added that garland and it looked great. But it needed ornaments so I got some help from grandson Jacob to put the string on the colored balls.

And then they went on the tree along with the ornaments that were in that gift bag that Marty and Emmet were so interested in. And then it was finished!
While this isn't the tree they usually put up, it works for this year. It was fun to do this for Collette and brought back memories of 2006 when she and Jacob decorated a little tree for me and Steve when we moved into our house here in Henderson. :-)  On Sunday afternoon, I am hoping to get the ornaments on our big tree in the living room. That is unless I decide to take a nap............



Preciosa decoraciĆ³n!!!!

Carrie ~ Cricketwood Prims said...

I'm sure your generosity was so appreciated! Those kitties are adorable and I'm sure a lot of entertainment!
Merry Christmas!

Beth said...

The tree looks so cute. I thought you might have had a bit too much help from those little helpers. I bet they were happy to have some holiday cheer.

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