Friday, December 19

Christmas Cards!

How do you display your Christmas and holiday cards? Some times I have taped them to the back of the kitchen door and sometimes I line them up along a shelf. And sometimes, they just go in a basket. Well, this year, I had something new to display our cards. And actually, it's a vintage piece that is too fun not to use!

This very long, tall Santa was in a big cardboard packet and there were two of them. I was thinking this might have been in stuff from my mother, but it could have also come from one of my many visits to local thrift shops. LOL! Either way, it is a fun way to display cards. I gave the other Santa to my daughter, Collette. There are pre-cut slots in the body of Santa so that cards can be inserted at an angle. As of today, there is no more room for cards on Santa. Guess I will tape the rest of the cards we receive to the kitchen door!
Today we ran errands, did our grocery shopping and bought stocking stuffers. There is one more little item I need to make and then we are ready for the kids to arrive on Christmas Day! I finished almost all of our Christmas cards and they will go in the mail tomorrow (Saturday) morn. I decided to skip the Christmas letter this year. Not even going to type a note. Instead, I'm writing just a bit in the cards, more personal and like I used to do so many years ago. I'll finish up the cards tomorrow and also make some more fudge. I only make fudge for Thanksgiving and up to Christmas. It only tastes good at this holiday time of the year. I'm so glad that Kraft Marshmallow Creme makes it so easy to make! I think I'll go have a piece of fudge right now.......... :-)
Have a lovely day!


Christine M said...

What a great card holder.

Kate said...

Cute cardholder, Sandi. It looks vintage - I find that I'm very easily recognizing vintage nowadays ... perhaps that means I'm now vintage. I've been enjoying your Christmassy posts.

Beth said...

That Santa card holder is so cute.
Enjoy that fudge.
Merry Christmas.

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