Friday, December 12


Our Christmas tree is fully decorated! It's about 9 feet tall and I think there must be 500 ornaments on it. I have kept almost every ornament from our 46 years of marriage plus a few from my mother and my mother-in-law. It's a tree that is laden with memories and I love it!
The "Believe" ornament in the photo above carries a really special memory of a dear friend, Dorothy Woestehoff. She passed away from cancer in March of 2011 but at Christmas in 2010 she had her daughter shop for ornaments for each of us that were in Bible Study together. She had her husband John deliver them. Dorothy was a delight. She was so cheerful even in times when most of us would find it hard to be cheerful. She had a very strong faith. When I see that "Believe" ornament on my tree, I am reminded of her faith and her kindness. It's an ornament that I don't put away, though. I hang it in my sewing room where I can see it all year round. Dorothy would like that. :-)
We are going to have some warm weather this weekend.........temps in the 40's and that will feel like spring here in Minnesota. Now that the tree is up, maybe I'll get my frozen pumpkin off the front porch and replace it with a Christmas wreath. I'm so slow at getting things decorated this year that I will have to leave everything in place til Valentine's Day. Then again, I usually do that anyway. LOL!
Have a great Saturday!



Preciosos adornos navideƱos, besos

Christine M said...

What a very special ornament, Sandi.

Anonymous said...

That is the word that a dear young friend of our son/DIL clung to as she battled her cancer. Bittersweet memories for sure.
Our pumpkins are still frozen in place but, like you, we hope to remove them today or tomorrow. Here, in the S.E. corner, we are expecting to hit even 50 so even the little white patches of snow will be history!!! Tuesday may bring some flurries but the temps will remain warm. Your tree is stunning!!!!

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

My youngest son asked us to wait till he gets here, before we decorate the tree. Each of our ornaments also have special meanings to all of us.

Judy1522 said...

I love all the ornaments I have been given by friends. Each year when I hang them on the tree they bring back good memories of each person.

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