Sunday, September 26

Nothing on the line yet.......

because I just got home from our retreat about two hours ago and I am still trying get unpacked and then off to bed. We had a wonderful retreat weekend and I have photos so you can all see the fun and the quilts. I've not had time to download photos and within ten minutes I am planning to "hit my pillow" for a good night's sleep. :-)
Last Thursday's torrentail rain led to major flooding that has made travel in our area very difficult. Here in south central Minnesota, our major highway 169 is now closed for a 22 mile stretch due to encroaching flood waters! I don't ever remember flood waters invading some of the areas that are now being inundated with water and the worst part is that the water is still rising, due to crest sometime Monday. Our little town of Henderson, is now accessible only from a highway to the west (just like it was in March when the snowmelt happened so fast). The highways to the east, south and north are all covered by water in various stretches of the road. In order to get home tonight, Collette and I had to take a detour along back country roads but police or county workers were out with lights and such to guide drivers along the alternate route. I just feel so badly for all these people who have lost their homes or businesses that are up to their windows in water and so much more. I feel almost guilty about writing about the great time we had at our retreat but then again, it might make someone smile. So, later on Monday, after the rest of the retreat stuff is unpacked and the photos have been downloaded to my camera, I will do my "what's on the line?" post and a little bit of our retreat fun. :-)
Off to get some much needed sleep right now!


Pat said...

Those flood waters are really sad.

Crispy said...

It's so sad to see all the flooding. I'm happy you had such a great time at the retreat though :o)


Joanne Lendaro said...

Hope the waters get into control soon! Get some rest, you always need rest after retreats!!

Kim said...

Yes the floods were terrible. Owatonna where my neice lives was hit really hard.

I was lucky where I live and where my dad is outside of New Prague were just hit with lots of water.

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