Friday, March 12

Is it Friday already?!?!?!

I can't believe that it is Friday already!! I was so busy Wednesday that I never got to the post I wanted to do that's pretend it's Wednesday!!
And if it's the second Wednesday of the month, then that means it's a "Wooly Wednesday". That's right.... and it was a "wooly" good day as I taught a couple of projects for "wooly" spring things. :-)
I took a couple of photos so you could see the "wooly" fun in action...... That's Sandy on the left making a little woolfelt spring chicks penny rug.

And this is her daughter, Courtney, who is making a little penny rug with a bunny on it. It's really hard to tell that they are mother and daughter, isn't it? Courtney's due to be a mom in just a couple of weeks so she may not be able to make it to "Wooly Wednesday" next month. Maybe we will have to go visit her and the new baby!

I also shared a pattern for an egg pin and then did a demo with these towels so I could share some tips on cutting, placement, etc. The tulip on the right is woolfelt and the one on the left is wool. Janice at Firefly got in a great selection of towels so I bought a few to use for samples and a gift or two. :-) I will take these along to the retreat so that when I need a break from machine sewing, I'll have something to hand-stitch and relax me. I get really tense when I machine stitch. I am super-relaxed when I am doing handwork, so a mix of the two works best.

This week went by too fast and tomorrow, we lose an hour! I don't think I have an hour I want to lose. The only good part of that whole Daylight Savings Time change is that I love getting that extra hour in the Fall!!
There's a "Quilt-in" going on in my Yahoo block of the month group so I should get back over there and see what everyone is stitching on. If you want to join us, you just need to click on the Angel button on my sidebar and you can join in the fun.
I had some more fun to share that took place at Firefly after the "wooly" class was over and I'll tell you all about it come Monday. Until then......have a great weekend!


Kaye said...

Sandi, how do you keep track of all that you do?? Such a busy, busy Lady

Crispy said...

They look like they are having such a lovely time Sandi. I know you are off at your retreat and having a blast!!


Anonymous said...

Actually now that I've enlarged the photos, being able to see a resemblance in your two ladies isn't hard. The projects are adorable. Makes me want to get back into Wooly Buddies!

Beth said...

I love working with wool. Wish I could have been there doing wooly Wed with you.
Hope you are having fun.

Pat said...

Love the wool and wool-felt on the towels! I might have to do that myself for my decorative-only towels!

Owl Lady said...

I enjoyed seeing the springy penny rugs and towels, and I really like the pale pink background you are using now.

Joanne Kennedy said...

This sounds like it is a fun thing to do. I don't know how to sew a stitch so I'm impressed by those that do.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Good luck winning my giveaway.


Needled Mom said...

It is ridiculous how the weeks fly by now. You are so right....who has an extra hour to loose?

Those twoels are so cute!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What cute springy things Sandi!
I just saw Henderson on the news for flood alert, hope you are high and dry!

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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