Thursday, March 11

I love PINK!

That's right. I love PINK! Love it in all shades, patterns and textures. Pink always makes me smile. :-) Thinking about the upcoming quilt retreat makes me smile. :-)

I have been thinking about what I will work on at the retreat. I definitely want to make something "springy" that weekend so I am taking along the strippy blocks (11-1/2" squares) that I made last summer from the fabrics you see in the picture. Dana of Red Barn Quilts shared the project and I got a good start on it. Then I had those back problems and sitting at the sewing machine was not possible. I set the project aside and now with spring just around the corner, I think it's the perfect thing to take to the retreat.

I'm hoping to have time to start a new project, too. :-) I found these fabrics (photo below) at JoAnn's a couple of weeks ago. I loved that polka dot and found some fabrics to go with it. When I first saw the pink polka dots, I was thinking of making it up in a pattern that I had seen on-line. Then I thought about another design and now I have a third idea in my head. I will probably change my mind again but once I cut into the fabrics I need to make sure that I have plenty of choices. That means that I had to buy a couple more fat quarters and 1/4 yard pieces in those pretty pinks and greens. I've also pulled pinks and greens from my stash. I think I have plenty of choices now. Somehow, I am going to incorporate those lime green heart buttons into the quilt. I like lime green, too, only not quite as much as I like pink.

So, why do I like pink so much? There's a story, of course. :-) I've already talked about how much I like music and I love to sing. My Grandma Goldie was a big part of my love of music but there was another lady who inspired me. Her name was Mrs. Parr, and she was my grade school (elementary) music teacher. She was the teacher that when someone asks......"what teacher had the most positive impact on your life?............ I never hesitate to answer "Mrs. Parr". She didn't teach just grade school music. Our school was a small town public school (in the 1950's-1960's) and so, she was also the high school music teacher, too. And that meant that every year I was in school, from kindergarten to my senior year in high school, I was blessed to have Mrs. Parr for my music teacher. Her committment to teaching us how to make beautiful music was just amazing. Especially in light of the circumstances in her life. She was widowed young, when her husband who was a State Patrol officer was killed in the line of duty. Teaching music, and raising her daughter, were the things she loved and.............she loved pink!
When I was was a freshman in high school, I began to take private voice lessons from Mrs. Parr and would go to her home for the lessons. Her house was easy to was pale pink. Most every room in the house was pink, even the kitchen had pink accessories. Her living room was decorated in pretty pink upholstered pieces and there were lovely pink and rosy colored china on the shelves, and oh, so many pretty pink things in her house. Now here in my own house, I have a pretty pink bedroom full of pink and rosy colored china and knick knacks and flowery things. And every bit of it reminds me of Mrs. Parr! I love those pleasant memories. :-)

So, now, tell me............who is the teacher who impacted your life the most? I would love to know!


A little edit here.....I typed this earlier and couldn't post it as we lost Internet access. I think our rainy weather and the heavy fog has something to do with that. This happens frequently when fog rolls in. It is really wierd to look out at all the snow on the ground and then hear heavy rain falling on the roof. As you can probably imagine, spring flooding is going to seriously affect a lot of cities and towns in the Midwest. I wanted Spring but I don't like to think of people being affected by the floods.


Pat said...

I was blessed with having ALL wonderful teachers from kindergarten through 8th grade (except for one 5th grade teacher who was a big CRANK). I am sure having such a positive experience in grade school was the reason I became a teacher! Funny...I never realized you were such a fan of PINK...but now I know!

Micki said...

I am fanatic of pink too. My latest purchase was a pink Cricut Expression. You should see my bathroom...all pink, even the bathtub.

Glad to know we have that in common!

Sarah or Semmy said...

Sandi, I also prefer pink over all others.
This is not about a teacher but why I like pink. My father was raised in Texas on a ranch-farm. The nearest small town catered to cowboys and all the bars had "Fancy Ladies" always dressed in red. So Dad always assoiated red with those "women of the night". He put his foot down when he and Mom married and said no red clothes. When I was born, the same thing. I was an adult before I got to wear red. Since I couldn't wear red, I wanted pink and that was alright with him. I still want lots of pink!

Barb said...

I love pink and green your fabrics....and I come and play?

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Oh Wow Sandi, I am a pink girl too. I love pink. I think the teacher that most influenced me was Mrs Kenyon. She was my high school English teacher, but it wasn't the English that she taught. It was her attitude. She gave all of her students a confidence that they could accomplish their goals. She gave us the High School newspaper to write and print, and we did it.

Diane H said...

Love your pinks and greens Sandi.
Your so lucky to have Joanns to shop at. Lovely story about your teacher, mine was my Grade two teacher Miss Wilkenson. I just remember her being very kind.

Judy C said...

I have two teachers that I think of often, my first grage teacher Mrs. Calkins, she always looked so 50's feminine she was kind and patient without letting us get away with anything. Then in high school, I went to a vocational trade school, Mrs Neggers was our related teacher she taught us the most beautiful hand stitching. I don't think I appreciated her then as much as I do every day now. So if your out there Mrs. Neggers thank you.

Crispy said...

Oooo such pretty fabrics, it will be fun to see how much sewing you actually get done at the retreat LOL.


Needled Mom said...

Beautiful PINKS!!!!

I would have to say that the teacher that influenced me the most was my high school biology nun. She pushed all of us to our limit and made it enjoyable at the same time.

Owl Lady said...

I would have to name two teachers, not just for being excellent teachers but for the example they each set for us in dealing with adversity. In sixth grade at a rural school, we shared Mrs. Burch and her room with the seventh and eighth grades. Midyear her husband died, but it wasn't long before she came back to us. We could see the sadness but also her determination that it not affect her teaching.
In high school, a new history teacher moved to the small town where we lived then. The night before the first day of school, the house where he rented an apartment caught fire. He concentrated on getting his elderly landlady out safely instead of worrying about his possessions, which all burned. At our assembly that first morning, when the principal introduced Mr. Rogers, he told us what had happened and what our new teacher had lost: his books, his lesson plans, his clothes, and his prosthetic arm. That morning Mr. Rogers was there in borrowed clothes ready to teach us. He had already taught us several things: People are more important than things, and you should do your job even if it becomes difficult.

Nihal said...

Oh oh oh! So very good question. I feel myself really the luckiest one because of my very selective teachers during my education years. One of them that is my high school "math teacher" who directed me going to study technology or any related about math. I was his student for three-years long before univ. I miss him a lot. So special teacher indeed, that is highly skilled to discover the abilities of any student and direct him/her where to go the best --as happened to me.

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