Tuesday, March 30

Assisting the Easter Bunny!

Last year I volunteered to do a little Easter basket project at our church - St. Paul's UCC - that would be donated to our local Foodshelf. It went so well, that I said I would do it again this year. To read about last year's adventure, you can go here.
As I've mentioned a couple of times recently........while the Good Eggs Giveaway and the "hop down the bunny trail" was going on, I was assisting the Easter Bunny. That's right, just assisting. He does exist so I don't want any children out there to think I'm trying to take his place. I'm just helping out a bit along with a whole lot of folks from my church. This project is so simple but is so appreciated by the staff at the Food Shelf and those that receive the baskets. It starts simply enough...........

Congregation members brought baskets and goodies and treats and toys................and so last Wednesday afternoon, I started to assemble it all into filled baskets. I set out all the baskets that were collected........thirty-eight of them!!

And then there were some Easter themed paper gift bags - eighteen of them!

And then I laid out all the goodies, treats and toys..................and began to consider what would go in each basket or bag.

Everything always seems to come out just right when I do some of these projects. There were several bags of Easter grass donated and it was exactly the right amount for all the baskets.

There was a toy or gift item for each basket and full bags of jelly beans or big chocolate bunnies for each basket. And there were oodles of little Snickers bars and Skittles and stuff so every basket and bag got several of those. And then there were the eggs...............

lots and lots of eggs, so I sat down and started filling the eggs with little chocolate bunnies and Hershey's chocolate eggs. Every basket and bag got 4 to 5 candy filled eggs! Everything worked out so evenly!

And here are the baskets all filled and ready to be bagged and delivered. I was tired at this point so I decided to come back on Friday to put each basket in a separate bag.

I have to be honest and tell you that I really wanted this little pink lamb. I thought it was just as cute as could be and since I am momma shepherd to my Wooly Buddies group, it would have been fun to take this little sweetie home with me. I did not do that.................

If you look at the back of this photo, you can see the little sweetie and she is on her way with all the other baskets to be delivered to the Food Shelf in nearby Gaylord, MN. Just like last year, the staff was thrilled to receive the baskets. Food Shelf use is up significantly and items such as these are a bonus and perhaps a luxury.........but to a child on Easter morning they are a necessity. The candy-filled baskets and bags will bring a smile to many a child!
Now, all I did was assemble the baskets, but it brought me much joy to do this. I didn't do it alone because even though our church is small, so many shared so much and soon it was a great big thing!! When I loaded all those baskets and bags in my car, they filled the entire trunk area of my car and part of the back seat!! The abundance of the project, reminded me of an old Swedish saying that goes something like this, “Joy shared is Joy doubled”. Definitely!!! We enjoyed sharing and plan to do this again next year. Thanks to this project, I now feel that I have earned the title "Certified Easter Bunny Assistant" or CEBA for short. ;-) You can, too, just by copying this idea. This is one time when nobody is going to mind if you do a little copying.
Oh, and one more basket related item..........The basket in this photo is actually a large wicker basket from a baby bassinett. It was one my mother bought at auction, gave to my daughter, who then passed it to me because I can never throw anything away. LOL! There is always a use for everything.
SO, when Pastor Brigit called in early March and asked if I had a large basket that she could use at church for March FoodShare month, I answered "Oh, yes, I have a really big basket!" This is just some of the food that was collected but all totaled the basket held 72 pounds of donated items that also went to the Food Shelf with the Easter baskets. They weighed 50 pounds thanks to all that chocolate! All food is weighed as it comes in and entered in a log book. You get a receipt and a thank you before you walk out the door!
This post has nothing to do with quilting or stitching but it has everything to do with well-being. I enjoy volunteering and if I couldn't share then the quilting and stitching would have no meaning.
In between assisting the Easter Bunny, I was also doing some library quilt program events so maybe I'll get to that in my next post. Never a boring moment but that's all for now.
P.S. And when I get through with all the Easter events, I'm going to tell you all about my machine quilting experience at Heidi's retreat. It was "sew" cool! More on that right after Easter. :-)


Diane H said...

Sandi, thank you for that wonderful post. You certainly earned your new title with the spirit of Easter in your heart.
Preparing those amazing baskets for those unsuspecting recipients would have been so fun. Fantastic idea to pass along! Blessings to you.

Pieced Pastimes said...

What a nice volunteer project to be involved in. Good for you. I am sure there will be many happy children Easter morning because of your efforts.

CreativeHands said...

Sandi, what a wonderful way to share the love of God with others!!

luv2quilt2 said...

What a wonderful idea, and what happiness it will bring to the children who will receive them on Easter.

Kaye said...

Sandi, you are such a giving, caring person. Bless You and all that you are always doing for others. You are one of the reasons I Love to blog.

Pat said...

I remember your project from last year and am glad you did it again this year. It is so nice to know that several children will NOT be disappointed when they wake up on Easter morning!

Owl Lady said...

This is a great idea. It really doesn't take much to make children happy and to give the underprivileged something more in common with the other children in school or daycare.
Yeah for another one of your great, giving ideas, and yeah for you, Sandi, just for being yourself.

andsewon said...

Oh what fun you had doing all those baskets and bags!!Just the thought that a small child will be smiling on Easter because of you and your church members is awesome!!
Oh yes I do love the feeling I get when I do for others. Twice blessed as the old folks say those receiving and those giving!
Love that big basket too!!

Needled Mom said...

That sounds like a fun job to volunteer for, Sandi. You know that each of those baskets will be loved dearly.

So we can now officially call you Mother Rabbit too!!

Valrie said...

Sandi, welcome back! My you had a busy Sunday! I posted my winners... my bunny giveaways hop to Australia and Costa Rica. I am sponsoring a MAY DAY SWAP. I invite you and your followers who nblog to join in the fun. HOP over to http://poemsmyway-valrie.blogspot.com

Thanks again for the giveaway event, you inspired me to take a leap of faith and do this swap!

Have a blessed Easter!

Beth said...

Sandi, the baskets look wonderful. The children will be so excited on Easter morning. Thanks for sharing your idea and your experience.
Happy Easter to you.

Lindah said...

Such a neat project!
God bless you!

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