Wednesday, October 21

Stuck on Pincushions :-)

Last night, I taught a pincushion class at Firefly Quilt Shop in Mankato, MN. It was a small class but we had a lot of fun. Owner, Janice, (in the center in photo below) has just begun to carry wool in her quilt shop and this was an opportunity to give it a try. That's Deb, on the left and Karen on the right. I made a couple samples and the pincushion pictured above is one of them. For the class project, though, we all made my little Turkish Rose Pincushion. It's the same pincushion that I taught just a couple of week's ago for the St. Peter Quilt Guild. This night, though, the class time was longer so both Janice and Deb finished their pincushions and Karen planned to stuff her pincushion when she got home. I love teaching how to work with wool and woolfelt and look forward to some more "wooly fun" at Firefly in the future. :-)

In my quest to "catch up/keep moving forward", I'll share these pictures from our "Tuesday Crazies Day-Out" from last week. We usually meet at each other's homes to stitch but we decided to do a little road trip to Mankato and check out the fabric sources. We started at Firefly and enjoyed shopping, snacking and even a door prize.

We are from left to, Sue, Arlis, Adella - smiling because she was the doorprize winner - Kate (in the sunglasses due to some eye surgery), Laurie, and Carol. We all bought something - fabrics, patterns, etc. Here's my "collection"................

I bought that Schnibbles pattern because it's called "Reveille". I laughed when I saw the name of the pattern because if I were in the Army I would never be able to wake up for "Reveille". I like the night and morning is not my time of day. The quilt is cheery, though, so maybe if I make it and hang it in my bedroom it will make me want to get up earlier. Ha ha .......not!
The JOY ornament came from our stop at HobbyLobby. I bought it to remind me of the JOY that my "Tuesday Crazies" friends add to my life. We ate lunch at LeAnn Chin's and had a good laugh as we went around the table and read our fortune's. Actually, we laughed a lot the whole day through. I think we laughed the most when we were all trying to check out with the cashier at Hancock Fabrics. Thankfully the lady who was in line in the midst of us, didn't mind our "happy chaos". There really is Joy in friendship and if you need some Joy in your life, grab a friend and go shopping or out to lunch or something really fun! Just enJOY!!
Night all!


Micki said...

I would have loved taking that pincushion class of yours. I would have enjoyed that immensely. It looks like everyone had a great time!

Owl Lady said...

I am intrigued by your firefly pin cushion. With a change of colors, I think that it would make an excellent bumble bee. Question: Were the squared lines part of a plaid design on the red, or did you draw them on? If drawn, what did you use?
Don't you enjoy your quilty shopping more when you share it with friends? My quilty friend is on a month-long trip to Panama City Beach, FL with her DH. They make this trip every October, and I know that she is having a great time. But my quilty shopping is not the same. (Yes, I want whine with that!)

Kaye said...

You are such an upbeat and Happy person, I would love to be in one of your classes

Pat said...

I'm glad you are fully recovered and having such fun times lately!!! I, too, would love to take a class with you. I, though, am now a morning person and no longer a night if we were on a retreat, we'd have to work out a compromise!!! LOL

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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