Sunday, August 2

Sights and Sounds of the Sibley County Fair!

I love the County Fair! I enjoy the State Fair, too, but it's too big and I enjoy the smaller scale County Fair. You know what they say.........good things come in small packages! So, here for your enjoyment are a few pics I took on Sunday evening when I returned to the fair to pick up my entries in Creative Activities.

When I arrived at the fairgrounds it was about 7:00 p.m. and many things were beginning to "wind down". Not the geese, though. Oh, my, were they noisy! Gaggle, gaggle, gaggle!! And for some reason they were all looking and gaggling at something at the other end of the building. Just for the fun of it, I share my photos and added captions of what the animals might be saying..........

"Did you hear about that goose that laid a golden egg?"

"Who needs an alarm clock when you've got me to wake you in the morning?"

This bunny kept picking up his bowl with his mouth and then dropping it for all to see, as if to say.......

"Will somebody feed me, PLEASE!!!!"

And if this doesn't remind me of fair days, I don't know what will. I loved the cows and did you know they were bigger in the '50's? Well, it seemed like it because I was so little. Hee hee!

"How soon do we leave for the State Fair?"

"Wake us when dinner is ready."

"Where's my coat?"

"I can't find mine, either!!!"

And these little goats were sooooooooo sweet.......

"Please, somebody, let us out!!"

"Hey, Lady, drop that camera and get us outta here!!"

And then there were the horses. I love horses. Never learned to ride but when I mentioned that to a young man who was caring for the horses, he said "one is never too young to learn". Boy, did that guy know the right words to say or what?! I told him so, too. It was fun chatting with him. His six year old daughter helps care for Dimples, the white horse. Dimples is 22 years old! The horse that caught my eye, though, was the Paint and her name is Lily. Her owner is Alyssa and I think she is very lucky to have such a beautiful horse. If memory serves me correctly, Lily is 6 years old. Maybe I'll take up horseback riding, yet. The young man did tell me that Dimples would be a perfect horse to start with. I'm thinking Lily is probably young and impetiuous while Dimples is older and wiser. :-)

"Hey, Dimples, wanna dance?"

I wandered past the tractors (picture was blurry) and the food, too, and then into the Creative Activities building. I snapped a couple of pictures quickly as everyone was scurrying in to pick up their treasures and ribbons.
I liked the cute way the "mock bed" is set up. Loved the cedar chest at the foot of the bed. Most of the quilts were already picked up but I noticed one of the students who took my snowman class a couple of years ago and got this photo of her with her quilt. I can't remember her name and I forgot to ask her if she won a ribbon. She had a whole laundry basket full of things that she entered in the fair!!!
Everything I entered was small. I entered six items and earned five ribbons. I entered my table runner that is in the header of my Tea and Stitches blog but it didn't place. The rest of my items made me smile as they all took blue ribbons. I don't make things just so they'll win ribbons but it's kinda fun to see if you have made something that a judge will think is worthy of a ribbon. I was very pleased and happy that my stitching was appreciated. Some of you will recognise the blue and green notebook as I made one for a giveaway last winter and also made one for me. The little embroidered case is from Natalie's "Springberries" pattern at Cinderberry Stitches. The bunny penny rug is from a Better Homes and Gardens pattern and I'll share more on that one later as there is a mistake in it but I managed to make it work. That's my tulip design and also, my design on the wool sewing set. I am already planning a couple of projects that I want to enter next year. I get inspired when I see others projects so maybe someone is inspired when they see what I make. When stitching is so much fun, ya just gotta share!!
Okay, so that's the end of the fair for this year. Next on my agenda is to post the July and August BOM blocks. Coming soon............


Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing your excitement about the fair, Sandi. And, congratulations on winning five ribbon out of six entries! WOW!

Pat said...

Congrats on your ribbons!!! I really enjoyed visitng the fair with you through your photos. I had forgotten to post my animal photos from our state fair....will have to do that soon.

Kaye said...

Congratulations on 5, wow 5 ribbons and thanks for sharing them and your tour of the animals, sooo cute

Crispy said...

How fun, that's where I'll be this our county fair. I have nothing entered but love going and visiting with my neighbors.


Needled Mom said...

I'm glad to see that the judges appreciated your wonderful work. Although we do love stitching, it is nice to see it recognized as worthy of credit.

I LOVE the county fairs.

Ida13 said...

Congratulations! That is fantastic! Be proud!

Anonymous said...

Love the bunny, love the goats... love the mock bed. I'm all for a state fair vs a carnival. I don't go on rides. I'd much rather walk about tasting the foods, seeing the artisians work and the livestock. Fun fun fun.

knitwit said...

Thanks for the trip to the Fair, reminds me of the Country Fairs in the north of England when I was little girl: many years ,but fresh in my memory. Congratulations on your ribbons.

Sweet P said...

I miss the county fairs in Minnesota. The NH equivalent of county fairs just aren't the same. Thanks for bringing us along.

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