Tuesday, July 7

Uh, Oh! Facebook e-mail......

Oh, dear, my apologies to everyone who got an e-mail invite from me to join Facebook. Last night, when I was momentarly pain-free, I checked my e-mail and there was a reminder that I had two friends who had invited me to join Facebook. One was Pat Sloan and I follow her blog and miss out on some things because I'm not on Facebook. The other was from my friend Marianne and then I knew that my sister was on Facebook, so I thought........I'll just enter my name and stuff, add a new password to another venture that I must remember and that will be it. Ohhhhhh, nooooooooo! NOT SO!
I awoke this morning and when I went to check my e-mail, I had all these replies from people I had invited to join Facebook. Obviously, in what I thought was a lucid moment, I must have been half-sleeping or something and clicked something that invited all these people. Ohhhhhh, I am soooooo sorry. But on a positive note, one of the replies was from my sister and we both get so busy that we don't e-mail often. Who knows what connections Facebook will bring? Right now, though, I can't keep up with my groups and blog because of this leg/heel pain issue so adding another thing that requires validation was not so wise at this time. However, my MRI has been moved up to this afternoon and perhaps there I will get some validation for the cause of my pain and when that issue is resolved, I'll be back in fine shape on-line.........And I'll be only a "twitter" away from the next opportunity to make connections on-line. :-)


Owl Lady said...


I saw the invitation from Sandi Linn Andersen, but I haven't opened it yet. Don't worry about it. If you want to use it, do. If it becomes too much, close it out.

I am so glad that your MRI is being done right away. Often, what we imagine in the midst of today's pain is much worse than what really is over the long term.

I will keep the warm thoughts and prayers coming, as I am sure the others will as well.

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi Sandi, I wouldn't worry too much about the facebook invite. My feeling on emails like that is if I like it, I'll do it. If I don't, I'll delete it. No big deal. But of course, I was quite pleased to befriend you on facebook :)

I don't use it much for the socializing thing like all the kids these days do. I use it more for promoting my website and showing off my handwork. Anything to increase traffic!

Glad to hear you are being MRIed today. I'm sure in a way you are hoping they find something, and that it can be fixed. It's always hard when no cause can be found for the pain. Please let us know how it turns out.


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Sooo glad that your MRI got moved up! Hope you will get some answers soon.

Pat said...

I emailed you about my FAcebook philosophy...I am on it, BUT don't do it much as that would be even MORE time away from sewing!!! (I spend enough time online now as it is.) Hope the MRI can give you answers...SOON

Sunbonnet Sue said...

Good morning dear friend Sandi
Don't worried about this.I would love if it was a real invitation.
And i have a twitter too. If you join there i'd love to have you like my friend.
I hope you are getting well day by day and no pain anymore.
You are in my prayers since we knew about it, Sandi.
Miss you in the wooly group.

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