Saturday, July 25

A Tour of the Secret Garden!

Before I give you the garden tour, just let me say.......I felt so good yesterday that I did too many things and today I had to take it easy. I find that very hard to do. The cortisone shot I got on Wednesday has helped my back and leg pain but it has not dissappeared by any means. I think it's going to take a bit longer to get back to what is "my normal" than I would have thought.

Soooooooooo, since I needed to relax, I thought I would look at the garden photos that I took last weekend. I titled this post "the Secret Garden" but it's not really a secret. The gardens are the art and work of my high school friend, Lonnie. He and his wife, Sandy, (good name, huh?) live in a house nestled into a hillside and I always wondered about what it looked like. Well, I got the chance to see it last Sunday when I stopped by his house and what a lovely surprise! He gave me a little tour and I asked if I could take pictures, so now you get to take the tour, too.

Lonnie and I both enjoyed art in school but as we walked, we talked about how he never imagined he'd enjoy gardening this much and I never pictured me quilting so much. He said he was inspired by his Aunt Margie who had lovely gardens and flowers. I've been inspired by the women in my family and the many ladies of Lehigh where we both grew up. We both need a creative outlet. You've seen many of my quilting and stitchery projects so now, take a peek at Lonnie's gardens.........................

I loved this little vignette but Lonnie thought it might have looked better with an old-fashioned watering can. At some point, I'm going to sketch it so I can stitch this scene. :-)

It was when I looked down this hillside that I asked if I could take pictures and I quickly got my camera from the car.

There were two or three little kittens darting around the garden. I love kittens. They are just plain cute.

Lonnie gathered all the rocks and said he just starts placing them and the gardens "evolve". Like me, he said watching HGTV gave him lots of ideas.

I only wish I had flowers this pretty. As you can see from the photos I share of my quilts on the only plant so far is my rhubarb plant and in this years dry weather, it's not doing so well. Maybe next year we'll get to growing something other than a lawn.

I have to believe that the birds just love this garden.

There's even a pond.............

and a hollow log for real or not-so-real turtles!

The weather last Sunday was a "picture-perfect summer day". Can't you just picture yourself sitting down for a chat with a good friend on that bench......or reading a good book........or enjoying some quiet time to stitch and just listen to nature? Lonnie was inspired by his Aunt Margie but I came away inspired by Lonnie's gardens and I'm so glad he gave me a tour. I've already told my husband we have to try to create something similar in our backyard. Who knows what pictures I might be able to share next summer?!!

Have a lovely Sunday!



Anonymous said...

I love looking at other people's gardens. It inspires me to keep working my own. Your hosta are very green. They look beautiful.

Pat said...

SO pretty! Having such sandy-based soil in our area makes it a bit hard to have a lush-looking garden. We do have an irrigation system, but we still don't get the kind of beautiful garden results like you've shown...although we do have a pretty nice-looking lawn. Thanks for sharing the photos....AND....last but not least, PLEASE do not over-do it, okay? It's not worth the risk.

Crispy said...

Awww such a peaceful setting he has created for him home. I keep meaning to plant flowers and then never get around to it.


Margie said...

Thanks Sandi, for the cool pictures. I can only wish for a garden like that. All I can have is flowers that do well in a clay soil and the hot sun. Speaking of hot sun, suppose to get into the 100's today so best go out and give what plants I have (that the gopher didn't get) a drink.

Please take it easy and don't overdo just because you are feeling better!!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

What a beautifully inspiring garden. Such a peaceful setting. Thanks so much for sharing pictures.

Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Gorgeous pictures! I definitely could see myself sitting on the bench stitching a new project. The gardens look so peaceful. It must be very relaxing for your friends to work on their garden and then to enjoy the beauty of it.

blushing rose said...

Your gardens are lovely ... so peaceful & colorful. TTFN ~ Marydon

Spanish Princess said...

Oh, my! What a lovely garden. I want one now! I too have been quite negligent at checking blogs, but hopefully once the (all-day) morning passes, I'll have more time. Good to hear from you!

tami said...

I love your garden. It's the look I have been trying to get in my yard for a while, but I never seem to be able to achieve.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

What a lovely yard. So well done. I wish mine was kept up like that. This has been a bad year for that at our house.

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