Sunday, May 24

Enjoying the weekend!

I hope you are enjoying this weekend. Here in Minnesota the day was especially fine......rain came last night and so the grass and the flowers received a much needed watering. And the weather was warm and sunny by early afternoon.
Our grandson Jacob is here visiting and we made the most of the day. We decorated the front porch! My mother had these bears and last year she gave them to me. The fabrics in their clothing are patriotic prints and I thought that one day, I'd set them on the front porch just for fun. So, Jacob helped me put their heads on - they are just wire armatures with foam padding - and he chose where to put the flags. I am sure these bears are getting ready to walk off to the Memorial Day parade on Monday morning. :-)

Then Jacob helped me hang this wreath. It's one that good friends sent for my dad's funeral last spring and my mother was going to keep it, then changed her mind and gave it to me. First we hung it on the front of the porch railing and it wasn't working for Jacob or me. He's only ten but he has a "good eye" for color and balance! Jacob thought it needed a flag so we added a little one and then I moved it next to the front door and it looked just right!

I call this my "healing chair". It was my birthday present from my husband in 2004. All I asked for was a simple chair and little table for the deck at our previous home. I thought he had forgotten my birthday until I looked out on the deck and saw the chair sitting there. I still don't know how he got it there without me seeing him. Anyway, it's just a simple chair and it's a great place to relax and read or stitch when the weather is nice. So, I cleaned the chair and Jacob cleaned the table and we added another flag. :-)

You might think some of these things would blow away after all the wind that I've described lately but I do a couple of things.......I use large safety pins combined with chenille stems to secure items in place and so far it works. Well, almost, as somewhere in the woods there is a good-size styrofoam pumpkin that blew off the porch last fall and I haven't seen it since!!

After all that work it was time for lunch and then some computer game time. Then we went downstairs and Jacob helped me put all the Christmas boxes in my freshly painted closet in the basement. I have never had a closet just for Christmas stuff but there was a spot under the steps that was perfect. When we were done, it was time for an ice cream treat so we headed down to Toody's. I'll share photos of that little jaunt later.

We ended the day by roasting brats and hotdogs over the fire and also a whole lot of marshmallows!! It was a good day. Hope your day was, too. :-)


Pat said...

Oh, what a SUPER-fun day you had with Jacob. I love all the decorating you did, too. Thanks for sharing your great day with us. (Hello, did a good job helping decide where to put the wreath and to put the flags in the bears' hands, too.)

Crispy said...

What a wonderful day you had and your decorations are perfect. I love your fire pit...what fun!


Sweet P said...

What a wonderful day with your grandson. You did a great job on the porch. Your chair and table look so inviting.

Linda said...

Such a sweetie to help his Gran with her projects!
I love that your quilts hang on display in the Bittersweet. It is gorgeous work and you so deserve the place of honor!!

Sara said...

What a great day you had! Sounds like a wonderful time! Love the decorations and Jacob sounds wonderful!

xashee's corner said...

What a WONDERFUL day you had! And sounds like TERRIFIC help too! i LOVE the firepit! :) Happy Memorial day!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Looks like a lovely weekend there really. The porch chair and decorations are so inviting.

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