Saturday, March 7

We return you now to regular blogging......

But just before we do let me say that the Crazy Quilt exhibit opened and it was lovely! Members of the group and other visitors to the museum enjoyed looking at all the many items on display - 40 in all. To see more about it, just visit MissMarthasCrazyQuiltingCircle.

Since I haven't posted regularly for several days, I need to back up to last weekend and show you what my daughter gave me for Valentines Day (we weren't able to get together on the actual day, so it was late but not a problem) - a sweet little journal and the gift box with goodies. Not the book, though, more on that in a minute. Anyway, Collette and I love doing goodie bags, gift boxes, tiny treats, for our friends and such. She likes to put together little gifts for all her staff at Christmas and other holidays because even a little remembrance lets people know that they are appreciated. In addition to the candies in that little box there were two gifts. Mr. Loved Bear is modeling a vintage crocheted beanie that is sooooo cute (I tried it on and it does not look good on me so the bear gets it permanently). His friend is modeling the beaded bracelet she gave me. It's too pretty and I will need to make a new jacket with 3/4 sleeves just so I can wear it. She bought it at the St. Peter Co-op where they have other pretty little beaded items for sale. Who would have thought you'd find something so pretty among the natural foods?

Now to the book - "Color Me Beautiful". Are you familiar with this one? I have the first edition of it and Collette loaned me this new copy that she bought because the color illustrations are so much better. I am a "winter" and when I wear the colors that a "winter" should wear, I look better and I feel better. I have a mostly "thrift shop" wardrobe and I've decided I am going to do some spring cleaning this week and make a pile that will go back to the thrift shop. If they don't fit my "winter" color scheme, they're gone. Now if I could just find a book called "Color me thin" that didn't involve giving up chocolate!!

Speaking of chocolate, Kaiser got into my Hershey's Kisses and ate one too many. Thanks to the answer and treatment that I found when I googled "What do I do if my dog eats too much chocolate", Kaiser is doing fine. My husband reminded me that perhaps I should not leave such things where the dog can get them. He got them out of my purse, which I left on a chair so he was a very brazen little doggie! My brother-in-law, who is a vet told me that the milk chocolate is not so bad for dogs but the dark chocolate is not good and requires immediate treatment. So keep those candies up high and away from the dog and make sure the kiddies can't get them either!!

That's it for tonight. Block of the month patterns will be posted tomorrow, late afternoon.

For a good chuckle go here and see what Jacob's cat did when he saw the Puppet Theatre. :-)


Priscilla said...

I'm a winter too - we get all those yummy pure colours - no muted stuff for us :o)
I think that other book would be called 'size me thin' - I would appreciate an email should you find

Pat said...

Hmmm...I'm unfamiliar with that book...wonder what MY colors are. If I find out, then I'm sure I can empty out a lot of my closet, too...which would be great. OH..put me on the list to notify when you find the THIN book, too. :)

W. Latane Barton said...

If dark chocolate is terrible for dogs, I wonder why it is supposed to be good for humans? Just a thought.

Needled Mom said...

I am an autumn and since I found that out my life has been totally changed. I find that I don't even see the other colors when I shop and everything I have goes with everything else in my wardrobe.

Glad to hear the doggie is fine. I, too, have heard how dangerous chocolate is for them. Too bad it tastes so good or else I might be able to convince myself that it was also bad for humans.

Pat said...

Oh, yes...meant to add earlier that you got a nice package from your daughter AND that I'm so glad to hear the Crazy Quilt show opening went so well! DUH....had a senior moment when I was talking about the book earlier and all else went out of my head. :(

Andee said...

I gave a demonstration speech in high school for forensics using this book....I had a model who I draped scarves over and showed how it works. Really cool info...I will have to check out the new book! I am a summer!

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