Sunday, February 15

President's Day!

I cannot tell a lie. I will be going to JoAnn Fabrics today to shop at their President's Day Sale. Yes, I have fallen victim to commercialism or you could look at it that I am "stepping up to the bar" to do my part to help the economy by spending a little money on fabric. LOL!

So, did you all have a nice Valentine's Day? I sure did. Knowing we were going out to dinner that night put me in a good mood for the entire week!! I told my husband he should remember this and just how easy it is to make me happy!! Before we went to dinner, though, there was laundry and all that usual Saturday stuff to do. Just the same old stuff to do but then I received an unexpected package from Pat who is in my Wooly Buddies group. She sent me a little package of goodies to say Thank You for all the Wooly fun, etc. :-) She thought I might be looking forward to Spring so sent along seeds and gardening gloves. Purrrrfect, as I wore out last years gloves and had to toss them. I have the perfect spot along the edge of the woods where I am starting a little wildflower garden so I will plant the seeds there. Just before her package arrived, I was looking for post-its and couldn't find any and as if in answer, I find some with my initial in the package. That cute red felted triangle is a needle case that Pat crocheted in wool and then felted. Cute, isn't it? Much appreciated as I do not know how to crochet!! Pat recently agreed to be a moderator on my Wooly Buddies Yahoo group so I really appreciate her help and enthusiastic, positive personality!! Thank you, Pat!!

I made sure I was hungry on Saturday night as I was really looking forward to that Jumbo Shrimp Dinner at the Arlington Haus. I was not disappointed!! It was delicious! Steve had the buffet and he was pleased to. It was too dark to take a photo of the exterior so the waitress let me have the evenings menu. When the weather warms up and it's a pretty day, I'll take a drive over to Arlington, give you a tour and tell you my story about designing while eating at Arlington Haus. :-)

Kaiser also had a good weekend. I couldn't resist taking a picture of him sleeping in my sewing chair. He's too big for the chair but he loves it. It's meant to be a "boudoir" chair so it's just the right size for me since I'm short. Kaiser likes it because he can curl up in and it's warmer than sleeping on the floor. :-)

I'll be very busy this week working on details for a Crazy Quilting exhibit at the Scott County Historical Society. And then I am going to go one by one and review the BOM e-mail list. I know some of you did not get the files so I need to see if I left you out or if the e-mail is bouncing. I'll begin that task on Monday evening CST and files will go out to those who have requested them in the past week to ten days. Thanks for your interest and patience. That's all for this evening.
Have a really good Monday!!

A little change in plans............Sometimes things don't go like you think they will and that's what happened this morning. Won't be running those errands after all so won't be celebrating at JoAnn's today. It's okay as everything is just rescheduled to Wednesday. And, Sharon, if you're checking, I have to report that I am not a loser this week. I enjoyed every morsel of that Valentine dinner and lots of Hershey's kisses. Since they are almost all gone, I should be a loser by next Monday. :-)


RachelJane said...

Hello Sandi. It sounds like you had a wonderful Valentine's day and a great dinner out. ☺ This weekend, I finished both the Jan and Feb blocks for your BOM - I love them!

Kaiser looks so sweet curled up in the chair. I think he's got the right idea about how to spend a Sunday.

Pat said...

Love the photo of Kaiser.....looks like he probably doesn't let you use that chair very often! LOL

I'm glad you had a nice Valentine's Day weekend......and I'm glad the little package arrived safely and all the items will be useful for you.

Gina said...

Pity Valentine's day is only once a year... we could do more regularly...
I love the picture of Kaiser on your chair. He looks half sleep and maybe just saying...'please throw that quilt over me and switch off the lights on your way out'...
precious picture.

xashee's corner said...

i am sooooooo GLAD you had a WONDERFUL dinner Saturday night! You sooooooooo deserve it!! :)
Your puppy looks incredibly comfy in your chair!! SWEET!
BEST of luck at the quilt exhibit!!
Have a MARVELOUS Monday! :)

Sue H said...

Hi, Sandi: Thanks for stopping by my blog! Hope everything is okay at your house. Your shrimp dinner description had me salivating! Take care of yourself.

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