Monday, February 23

Back again!

Morning!! I have given my arm, shoulder and elbow a much needed rest and it really helped. That repetitive strain thing can really get you so it was good to step away from the mouse and the computer and the hand-sewing for awhile!!
So what did I do in the meantime? Well, I shopped for groceries on Friday and thought I could beat the snow that was coming but not so......instead, I drove home in crummy conditions but was glad I went when I did as yesterday, the snow that fell was blowing all over because of the wind. I was glad to not have to go out. I also decided not to do any shoveling til today. It actually felt kind of good to be outside shoveling because it was nice and sunny. However, it wasn't warm and sunny so I can't say it was a real joy to do. However, there was a little bit of JOY in my mailbox on Friday afternoon. In fact, it was ROYAL MAIL from England and I knew right away that it was from my partner in JennyFlower's Mug Swap. And here's what was inside.................

Lovely gifts, right, and I really, really like that mug!! When I took the picture of these gifts I remembered that I hadn't taken a photo of the what I received earlier in the week from Nanette .....more JOY in my mailbox. I was so thrilled to find a package with one of her Valentines in it and that adorable pot holder. It's "Showtime" for that potholder. It will never get used. :-)
I can't wait to show the potholder to my mom because when my sister, Judy, and I were kids, she made each of us these full skirts in turquoise with white polka dots and that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this potholder. Talked to my mom a couple times this weekend. Winter is getting long and she was having a bit of a blue weekend. I had time to run off to the post office with another little package so she'll get it in tomorrow's mail. The USPS has a new Priority box, small and just $4.95 to mail so I tucked in a teeny spring birdhouse, some freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a little covered notepad made from the scraps from my recent giveaway project.
I have been busy with details for our crazy quilt show and the ladies in this picture were directly responsible for getting me started in crazy quilting. I made them in the early 80's and will get to their story in a day or so.
It was good to take a couple days away but oh, so much to do. Need to post my Christmas ornament before February is over so that is next on my list, then an update of the BOM requests. I also realize there is a need for me to better organize my posts with labels and whatever so that you all can find past blocks and other projects. I'll get to that. Just takin' one day at a time. :-) And now I'm takin' myself off to bed. Good night and sleep tight........
P.S. Did you watch the Oscars tonight? I thought it was the best in years!! Loved the song and dance numbers and the way they presented the best actor/actress and supporting roles with the past winners was really clever!


Pat said...

Very nice packages you got......and well-deserved as you are always doing things for others. (I realize one was a swap, but still......) And now I see yet another talent of yours...making dolls. I think there is no end to your talent and creativity! Don't be too hard on your arm and shoulder this week or you'll have a relapse. Hope your mom's package reaches her today and puts some spring into her long, hard winter.

Kaye said...

I also thought the Oscars was very well done. I agree the five past winners giving the intros was a real good idea. Hugh was soooo entertaining and what talent, never knew he was a song and dance man. Can't wait to hear about the dolls, they look exquisite, you are so multi-talented. I am sure the package to Mom will make her day. Rest your arm and shoulder

Needled Mom said...

It's hard to take breaks like that, isn't it? Glad you are back.

Your packages were full of great goodies. That potholder is way too cute to use and I love the gardening fabric that was in the teacup box.

Have a good week and stay warm!

xashee's corner said...

How much FUN is receiving presents in the mail!!??! Thank you for sharing your WONDERFUL goodies! :)
Those dolls are BEAUTIFUL!!
didn't watch the Oscars, we watched Changling on DVD instead and i LOVED it! very powerful!
Have a FANTASTIC day! :)

wonderwoman said...

hope you are feeling better soon, and your arm and shoulder are soon on the mend - glad you liked the pressies!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Hello, Sandi! Glad my package got there - even if it was really late. I mailed those things in plenty of time to get there by Valentine's Day. Sigh. Thank you! For your sweet fabric gift. It is just darling. Vintage kids - that is so me. You are so thoughtful.

I'm digging out from my big week. It went well I think. Hope. It seemed to. I came back to piles of things at work and home. Isn't that the way it always is. And more than 1000 in my google reader! I can't just dump them so I'll try to hurry through them as best as I can.

Hope you are well. We have a warm spell here and snow is melting. There isn't even frost in the morning.

Thanks again.

MYRA said...

What a great post! Great goodies you've received in the mail, and those little ladies are amazing! Wow!
Loved watching the Oscars this year also!

Chris said...

You are always getting such nice surprises in the mail. Lucky you. your dolls are so lovely!!

Jacquelynne said...

I have been having a lot of trouble with my wrist, too, which makes typing and "mousing" at the computer very difficult... Glad you got a rest and are feeling better.
I really love that potholder, the colors are great...

Anonymous said...


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