Friday, January 16

Winner will be posted at noon CST today!!

My husband will be drawing the name and is excited to fulfill his duty as the "non-partial official drawer of the winning name" for my giveaways. Don't ask me why but he is really getting a kick out of doing this for me. So for those of you checking in early this morning, please come back at noon, CST when the winner will be posted!!


Valerie said...

I am anxiously awaiting also!! No matter who wins it will be exciting. We are heading out of town to the mountains for the weekend but I will have my computer with me so I can see who wins!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

This message is for Mr. Andersen, drawer of the winning name:

Dearest Mr. Andersen, before you reach in and do the drawing, concentrate really really hard on three little letters...well actually two, but one is repeated. Say over and over again ...MGM...MGM...MGM...MGM. I'll just sit here and wait to hear the good news from Sandi! Then I'll whip up a batch of my famous chocolate chip cookies and mail them right off to you!

Thanks! I hope you won't disappoint me!


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