Tuesday, January 13

Only two more days to enter the "Whirl into Winter Giveaway!

Just a reminder that there are only two days left to enter your name in the drawing for my "Snowflake Surprise" gifties for the "Whirl into Winter Giveaway". Just click on the photo on the right and leave a post there and you will be entered. You can get a second and third chance to win if you go to my posts on January 5th and 10th and leave a comment. And on Thursday, January 15th, there will be another opportunity to get your name in the drawing so be sure to stop by!!

If you don't live in Minnesota, you have probably heard on the news that Minnesota is in the "deep freeze". It was 16 below zero last night and I don't think it got above zero all day. We are going to get at least three more days of this before we warm up into the 20's. Right now, the 20's is looking so good that it will feel as good as 70 on a sunny day. Really!! When it's been this cold, even a bit of a warm-up feels good. Kaiser hates to go out and tries to do his duty on one leg, constantly lifting a leg all the way around because he's a house doggie and his tender paws don't take kindly to the cold. I feel for him but it really is kinda funny to watch.

So what am I doing to keep busy since it's too cold to go out.....well, I am slowly but surely working through the project piles and the chaos that I created in my sewing room these last few months. I know there are a few of you out there in the same situation. I had a great deal of fun with swaps and block projects and volunteer activities and making gifts for friends and family, etc. but, oh, my what a tornado I created in my sewing room!! I have taken a "before picture" but won't post it until I can post the "after" shots!! :-)

I am still enjoying the lights and trees of Christmas. Planning to pack it all away this weekend. I really hate to put it all away as I love the sparkle and the soft glow that radiates from a lighted tree in a dark room, like the one on the right that I never got posted prior to Christmas. It is in the dining room and I am going to leave this one up all year long. I have never done that before but I am going to "Keep Christmas All Year Long" so I have to have a tree up somewhere in the house if I am going to do that. The tree actually has some special significance. Well, not the actual tree because I bought it for just $6 after Christmas last year but it's the red ornaments that are on it that have meaning. Three years ago, my husband was on a six month job assignment in San Diego and had an apartment there. With the best wishes of our kids, I flew out to spend two weeks with him instead of him flying home for Christmas. San Diego is where we lived when we first got married and we loved it! We only lived there exactly one month because the government sent him a "Greetings and Salutation " from the local draft board letter and he ended up in the Air Force. That's another story for another day. Anyway, while out shopping one day, I bought a bag of "jewels" somewhere on Christmas clearance and tucked them away for the day when I would know what to do with them. The time came this year when I mentioned to my mother that I was going to do a silver and gold tree, something different for our 40th anniversary and she said, "oh, you should do a ruby tree because that's the 40th anniversary symbol." And right away, I remembered the bag of "jewels". I used jewelry wire to connect them and make loops and then with a string of red and a string of white lights on the tree it looks really pretty. I wish it looked as good in the picture as it does when I look at it. I'm going to put hearts on it for Valentines day, then take those off and add shamrocks in March, etc. You get the picture. You'll see this tree twelve times this next year but I'll post it on my Christmas blog. :-)
All for tonight except to say that I was thinking earlier tonight just how glad I am that I discovered the world of blogging. Can't even begin to describe how much fun it is!! Again, I say "thanks" to all of you who have read my blog, commented and are joining me in my block of the month. Night and sleep tight!!


Pat said...

Our local library has a Christmas tree up all year.....different decorations for various holidays and seasons. It greets folks as they enter the door. I'll have to take some photos of it at different times. I, too, hate to take the trees down....love to sit alone with the lights on late at night or early in the a.m. BUT....we bit the dust and got ours down this past Monday. (We always leave them up through Epiphany.) My DH was also in the Air Force...during the Vietnam era. On my way now to enter your giveaway ....can't recall if I did that already or not, but since you are allowing added entries, here I go!!! Hope you entered mine, too.

xashee's corner said...

oh i think your all year tree sounds WONDERFUL!! Love the story about the red jewels too!! Thank you so much for sharing a bit of your world! :D Hope you have a WARM & COZY day!

Nanette Merrill said...

Such a good idea about the tree and the jewels. I can imagine it would be a nice change of pace to spend Christmas in San Diego one year. Especially with your winters!

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if we all had a year round tree. I know by the highway going up the canyon, someone and I don't know who, decorates this particular tree year round. Halloween decorations for that holiday, Red hearts for Valentines, Clovers for St Pattys etc. Everytime I see it, I wonder who is doing all the work. Rae Ann

Anonymous said...

Well it's the 14th and I stopped in to check your Blog and get my name in the hat, but you had no posting for the 14th! It's 10:00pm PST, so where ever you are, it may even be later. It was fun, look forward to see who wins tomorrow. Rae Ann

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