Friday, January 2

Thanks for the "Snowy" comments!

Well, I am just amazed at the "blizzard" of comments that I have received so far. Turns out most of you have seen snow and most of you like it until there's too much of it!!! I would agree!! More snow is expected here tomorrow and I am sure it will be lovely as it falls. And I am just glad I have no where to go!! So if you are like me and you're staying home while it's snowing outside, here's a little project you can try. This is a pattern I gave to my friends a couple of years ago when we gathered to stitch in January. I led a group of friends in a block of the month at my church and we had a great time stitching together. The group was called Hearthside Quilters because we met in the Hearthroom at the church. Wow, the quilts the gals made were amazing. Show and tell was a big part of the gathering. And there was often food, too. And laughter. All the things that friends enjoy!
Many times I draw a design and never get it stitched - this is one of them, but I bought some Kona cotton last Friday and I am going to put it to good use. I'm thinking I will do this design either in Redwork or else I'll color it and then highlight with embroidery stitches and probably some glitter. I love a little sparkle in my life. ;-) If you do stitch this up - totebag, pillow, whatever - send me a picture. Have fun!

Tomorrow I'll be posting the Block of the month project for this year. I had a tutorial I was going to post yesterday and had taken all my photos except the last one when I realized I had made a serious error in my sample. I think it might be because of this cold I have. My brain was just not fully "engaged". I'll fix my problem and get it posted as soon as it's fixed.
Have a good day all!

P.S. To print the pages, just save the file to your computer and then you can print it out. I can also e-mail you the PDF file so just send me a note if you need that. Sorry but blogger does not have an option for loading a PDF.


Mary L. said...

What a cute pattern..Thanks so much.

Another easy wasy for folks to save the file. Download a free prgram called "Cutepdf".

It installs as a printer on your computer. Then, instead of saving a file, you select "print" and choose Cutepdf as your printer. This saves the file or picture or whatever you have selected as a pdf file. Works great..I couldn't be without it.

Simone de Klerk said...

Thank you for this lovely pattern! It'll be on my list 'fun things to do'.

Pat said...

Sandi...I seem to be having trouble getting it to save and then show up in a suitable size, so IF it's not too much trouble, can you send me the PDF file to


May Britt said...

Lovely pattern and I will save this and make it some day. I've also looked for a place to save pdf's but blogspot does not allow that yet. So I have had a friend that has typepad that does it for my so far.

Joy said...

What a great pattern!! I've printed and it's on my "To Do" pile for next Christmas :o)
Thanks Sandi ....
Joy :o)

SRK Quilts said...

What a nice gift for everyone. It's very generous and kind of you Sandi. THANKS!

We just started a prayer quilt ministry in our church a couple of months ago and it has grown so quickly with more women interested each month. We'll have to chat about how your group works sometime.

Latane Barton said...

I've downloaded the pattern. It's cute as a bugs ear. Don't know when I can feel well enough to sew but hope to make something with that. You are so talented.

doni said...

Thanks for the snowman pattern - I was looking around for snowmen this week! Happy Winter!

doni @ Oregon coast

Red Geranium Cottage said...

That is sooo cute Sandi!!!

SRK Quilts said...


Can you send the PDF file because even with the cutepdf download, I still get a picture that is too large to print from the screen. THANKS,


Pat said...

Thanks for this pdf now...CUTE. On another topic. I noticed a new person on the Woolly Buddies group and she has asked questions, but I"m too inexperienced to answer. I hope you saw her there and can help her....don't like to have "new" folks get discouraged!!! LOL

Madi said...

no snow here.. only 70ish.. poop

Nanette Merrill said...

Very very darling. I'm just updating the links for the 2009 ideas on my blog.

Ruby said...

Your snowmen are adorable! Thank you so much for being so generous, could you please send me the pdf
as I am having the same problem about the size. Thank you again!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi Sandi, I would love this pattern in pdf. So cute and clever, and it expresses my sentiments exactly now that the kids are back to school and my husband is back to work!

Thanks again!


Quilting Kim said...

Such a cute pattern that I think it will be a "Must Do" for 2009. I'm having trouble with trying to print it out, so I would love to receive it by pdf.

My email address is:

Thanks for doing this.

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