Friday, December 19

How we came to Henderson....

This is not really a Christmas post but then again it sorta is.........Some folks have asked how we ended up out in the country in the little town of Henderson after living for 33 years in a suburb of the Twin Cities. The number one reason was to get away from the traffic. To do that we had to find someplace close but yet far from the Twin Cities. I was the designated "looker". I didn't have very good luck "looking". Came a time in 2000 when my folks sold their acreage and in a barn on the place was an old car my husband and son always wanted to restore. So we needed a garage and I was the one that was to find garage space for rent. I was not successful. But in the process, I stumbled on an ad for a lot out here in Henderson and the description sounded so good that I had to drive out and see what was here. You can't beat the Minnesota River Valley for beautiful scenery and I was impressed. Went home and told my husband he had to come see what I found. He liked it here, too, so we bought a lot that year. Took us a few years to actually build and move out here but two years ago at about this time we moved into our new house. It was one week before Christmas and for anyone who has moved at Christmastime, you know it is one of the more chaotic things you can do in life. But we managed with help from our son and friends as movers and our daughter and grandson set up a little tree for us. In that first Christmas here, we felt like we had lived here for years. Love the house, the town and all the new friends I have made and my old friends who come to visit. And if you are wondering about that garage.......well, my husband finally found one and one day they'll get that old car and fix it up and maybe they can show it off in Henderson's Sauerkraut Days parade!
More snow coming tomorrow .......... and then more on the weekend. Feeling like we are in a giant snow globe!!


Kritta22 said...

Oh take pictures of the snow!

I agree, moving at Christmas makes you grateful for when you don't move at Christmas!! It's just so much more crazy!!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Snow here too. Your story sounds like our move to Alpine. It is nice to have a place you enjoy and like to live there.

Sweet P said...

I grew up in Blaine, a northern suburb of Minneapolis. I can certainly relate to getting away from the traffic. Blaine has grown so much since I moved away in 1986. When I was home to visit my parents in September I couldn't believe the amount of traffic around the cities.

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