Saturday, December 20

The days are getting shorter and there's not enough days left til Christmas!!!

Can you hear the "I am scurrying to get everything done" in that title? I'm almost there but with only five days left until Christmas Day, I think there might be a couple more things that will go on the "didn't get done this year list so I'll put them on the list for next year". There's always tomorrow as Annie says.
In spite of all the snow and cold that seems to surround us, I had a good day because I was putting together goodie plates for family and friends. I did some baking yesterday and today I frosted cookies, then portioned them out onto the plates. Somethings missing, though, and I realized I need to make a batch of fudge and add some to each plate and then I can deliver them. I wonder who will be getting these treats. Could it be someone who reads my blog? Only Santa knows for sure and he's asleep right now. :-)

While I was frosting cookies, the mail came and my husband brought me a little white box that came from Virginia - no, not the Virginia who wants to know if there's a Santa Claus - the state of Virginia. You see, I won a prize in a little trivia contest on Mark Lipinski's Quilter's Home Yahoo group and Sandy who was the trivia queen sent these cute little pickle ornaments to those who answered her question correctly. What was the question? Well, actually there were three parts to it, if I remember correctly - who wrote Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and what company was it associated with, who first recorded it and no, it's not Gene Autry. I was one of seven who answered correctly. Doesn't he look cute sitting in my tree? When my grandson comes for Christmas Eve, I'll have him search the tree for the pickle and then we can open gifts.

In addition to baking, I am working on gifts for my kids and my mom which I can't share with you until after Christmas. Plus I had one last swap package to put together and I finished that today. This one was for Cleary and her Twelve Days of Christmas Swap. The concept was clever. Celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas by opening a gift each day beginning Christmas Day through January 6th, Epiphany. One gift the first day, two of something the next day, etc. I had great fun finding little gifts and only needed 11 of something and then I realized all my things were Christmas related and these gifts were for - after Christmas!! So, back to square one I went and I figured out what I hope she thinks are clever little gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas. Here they all are just before I put them in the box to be mailed. I'm looking forward to receiving my box which should arrive next week.

That's all for tonight, folks! I learned something yesterday when I posted during the day. It took me twice as long for photos to upload and post. It goes really fast when it's after midnight! I knew there was good reason to be a nightowl. And speaking of nightowl's, some critter was making some gobbling sounds at 2:30 in the morning night before last. I am thinking there was a hoot owl in the woods out back or some wild turkey. All I could think was - shouldn't it be in some nest somewhere where it's warm? I mean, it has been cold here and more snow is coming tomorrow and more cold on Sunday. The weather certainly is playing havoc with travel plans for lots of folks. Stay safe and warm.


Kritta22 said...

You are a busy little bee!

I agree. Pictures load ALOT faster at night!!

Nihal said...

Sandi dearest,
Bravooo for your winning:) Here in Ist'l it's raining, raining, again raining. Made a little Noel wish for snow... Lets see if will be falling a few flakes for this gal;)
Last night I was so crazy happy... guess for what;) He was with us Istanbulities for a few days:) More detailed in my article:)
As for photos, I can quickly download them in the morning, evening hrs it becomes really slow:( At night, have no idea as I sleep very early:)
Today take rest, I know you are very tired with many projects at hand, wishes for a blessed Sunday.

Warm greetings from chilly Ist'l.

Spanish Princess said...

erry Christmas friend. I too am scurrying about trying to get everything done. I guess on Dec. 26 it won't really matter what doesn't get accomplished, will it?

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Holy Cow - 12 days of Christmas gifts. You've got to have it together to get those out in time. The cookies look wonderful. I'm very impressed. It is such a crazy time and the next days will be a mad house everywhere. The little trivia ornaments are so cute. Good for you. Merry Christmas!

Mel said...

Fun stuff Sandi! Thank you for your beautiful Christmas wishes you sent to my email!

Merry holidays and best wishes for the New Year to you and your family!!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love your cookie plates, the pickle and those twelve wrapped gifts. Christmas is almost here.
Merry merry!!!

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