Wednesday, September 3

The Winning Tootsie Pop Quilts

This day didn't go like I thought it would. While I was "under the weather" on Monday, I was feeling much better by Tuesday. In fact, before I went to bed last night, I put the final coat of paint on my picket fence quilt rack that I started when my grandson last visited. But when my husband came home from work, he was suffering mightily - men do suffer more, you know :-) -from a cold and sore throat so he stayed home from work today. When someone is laying around sick it changes what you're planning to do. Not complaining here as I don't want what he has caught! Just stating the facts, like good old Jack Webb.
My first task of the day was to mail the Giveaway basket off to Karen so right after breakfast, I headed straight for the post office and it is in the mail!! Then I puttered around in my sewing room, did some stitching, talked to my sister, sent some e-mails and watched the convention coverage. Oh, and I cut the batting from the butterfly quilt and it is ready to become a new quilt! Tomorrow, I am going to launder the quilt top very carefully and then start restoring the butterflies. I salvaged the muslin backing fabric although there is a large stain on it and I think I may choose something else for the backing. I am not restoring this for it's collectibility or anything. To be honest, I am doing it for the challenge, sort of like the little quilt I made for the Tootsie Pop contest. Scott over at Blue Nickle Studio has announced the winners and my little quilt placed third in the votes out of about a dozen little Tootsie Pop quilts. Click here to check out the winners. And in case you don't want to click, then here is the little quilt I made. It's appliqued by hand and is called "The Good Ship Tootsie Pop."

It was a "challenge" for sure to use waxed paper tootsie roll wrappers for applique but I did it and it was fun! I think restoring the butterfly quilt will actually be easier. Don't look for it to be done until spring, though. Working on it and appliqueing the butterlies for my own version of Aunt Bell's Butterfly quilt will be a perfect kitchen project this fall and winter. I'll occasionally post my progress but right now my mind is wandering and wondering what quilt should I post tomorrow? Hmmmm, I think I know. Come back and see............


*hannah* said...

This is adorable! What nice work.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I still like yours best. I love how you centered the little pictures in each of the pieces of the applique. It is so darling. I love whimsical quilting.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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