Tuesday, September 16

Sunny day, not a cloud in the sky.....

Here it is - the beautiful sunny day that folks were looking for this past weekend. Oh, well, it's still a pretty view and that's why I am posting these pictures. Some of you have posted a comment or sent me an e-mail saying what a pretty place Henderson is so I thought I would add just a few more photos. The view below is looking out to the east toward the bridge that crosses the Minnesota River. I took the photo standing near the flag pole that is pictured in my post on "Henderson Heritage Days Coming Up" and you will find it here. The beautiful home that is now the Sibley County Historical Society is off to the left out of view.

As I parked to take pictures, I saw Jeff DuCharme walking his dog and it gave me the chance to ask him if I might take a photo of his home and share it on my blog. And he said sure so I turned to my right and looked down, and snapped this photo of his charming home. The house is built on the "footprint" of what once was the local feed mill and is the first house you see as you come down the hill and enter Henderson from the west.

By going up the hill just a little further, you will find Henderson House Bed and Breakfast. I snapped a photo of the stately place that is nestled among the trees in the hillside at the west end of Henderson.

Some of you said that you would like to visit Henderson so this is the place to stay. Just click here to learn more about Henderson House. And Jeff's place is for sale so if you really enjoy your stay here, well you can just move here permanently. That's what we did. Note to self - add "tell story of how we ended up in Henderson" on blog. So noted in my notebook of "blogs to post".

This lovely building is where I spent the past weekend in what was once an Episcopalian Church (circa 1850's) and is now the Henderson Public Library. Isn't it just too charming? The original church was the part to the left and an addition was added a few years ago at the back. They did a lovely job of retaining the character of the original structure and even retained many of the original stained glass windows. You saw how cozy and pretty the inside looked with the quilts in place. What I didn't show you were the windows from the inside. The photo on the right is the trio of panels that you see at the front of the building. I took the photo at night and isn't it dramatic. I looked at it and thought, could there be a quilt design in these windows?
Hmmmmm............ Now if you want to see the rest of the windows, well, you'll just have to come to Henderson for a visit!!

That's about all for tonight. I was originally going to post Part II of my "Connecting with Quilts" post but I changed my mind late this afternoon. Story coming.......here it is.........This is Tuesday and so it was Bible study this afternoon. It was Arline's turn and she treated us to Apple-Elderberry pie with ice cream and coffee and tea. Oh, my was that delicious or what?!? After I gobbled it up, I thought about what a great picture it would have made. Sorry, it was all gone. :-) Then it was time for study and today's lesson provided lots of discussion and I think we all felt a little "challenged" with the depth of this one. It was after 4:00 when I left and I really needed to get home but had to make a quick stop at the grocery store. As I got back to my car, before stepping around to get in my car and that's when I thought - you've got time, take some more pictures. So I did and I'm glad I took the time because I had a nice chat with Jeff and you got a further glimpse at what a lovely town this is!
I'll be sharing more photos of Henderson, and photos of Lehigh (where I grew up in Iowa) and they will all be intertwined with the quilting stories - and more quilt photos - that I have to share. Thanks to all who have posted such lovely comments here on my blog.


Sue H said...

Hi, Sandi: Once again, I enjoyed a stroll through your town of Henderson. When I checked out the B&B, I clicked on the map. I didn't realize you were so close to Le Sueur. You are in beautiful countryside!

Jacquelynne said...

Henderson really is a quaint little town- I'll have to add it to my (long) list of places to visit! {Apparently, the people in Henderson are really lovely, too:)}

I am always kicking myself because I forget to take photos of various picturesque scenes, interesting people, yummy food... And I have never had apple elderberry pie- sounds delicious!

This Country Girl said...


What beautiful country and homes! What state is this? Is it Tennessee?

And I'm glad I could help you out with my question! lol! Sometimes I can give decor advice to others and be so indecisive myself! :)
Actually, my hubby is the one that said, "You know a valance might look good there too." So I guess our hubbies are in agreement anyway! I'm walking around looking at it as I add more things trying to make a decision! I'm leaning towards doing it...we'll see!

Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments! I appreciate every one!

Have a great Weds!

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