Friday, August 8

Ready! Set! Retreat!

I am packed and ready to leave for our weekend retreat at Bonny's Quilt Haven! Before I go, though, wanted to share the pics of the “Tuesday Crazy” gals cutting out the pieces for their “One Block Wonder” quilts. I learned of this cool project on Mark Lipinski’s Quilter’s Home Yahoo group. He calls the members his Pickle Posse. Well, last winter a lot of the Pickles began talking about making an “OBW” and I hadn’t the faintest idea what they were talking about. They posted some photos of fabric they planned to use and how it looked when it was cut and pieced. Then Denise, a local quilter brought one for display at the Jordan Library Quilt Show and I was hooked! I started looking for the book, One Block Wonder by Maxine Rosenthal, and found it at JoAnn’s (put my 40% off coupon to good use). The technique is similar to Stack ‘n Whack by Bethany Reynolds (and I’m still going to do one of those one day) and probably has it’s roots in some long-ago kaleidoscope quilt that would have had “fussy-cut” pieces. The possiblities are endless for a variety of designs.

Here are Sue and Pandora lining up and then pinning the layers and then cutting strips, then cutting triangles. As you can see, Sue picked a lovely fabric that is going to provide some really interesting designs. It will be quilt bold and colorful.
Carol picked a butterfly and dragonfly print that will be colorful and whimsical. (Double click on the pictures for close-ups.) It is fascinating to see the designs that unfold after you cut the triangles! My choice was an autumn fabric which Sue and I cut later on that night but I didn't take any pictures. I'll post the OBW when I finish it!!

As I have packed up to go the retreat this weekend, I have become painfully aware that I really do not need to purchase anymore fabric for the rest of my life! Considering that the stash I have is the product of 40 plus years and also includes a lot of fabric from my mother, plus some from a couple of friends who gave up quilting (one for knitting, the other due to health issues) and more, it would be impossible for me to use it up even if I live another 40 years. So, does this mean I will not buy anymore fabric? Well, of course not!! Fabric is like chocolate. You just can’t get enough of it!!
I have decided that the current GIVEAWAY that I am doing will not be my last. I can put together a different Giveaway two or three times a year so stay tuned to my blog!

Time to head out for our retreat weekend. I am so looking forward to what has become an annual ritual with good friends Sharon, Laura, Arlis and Stephanie. There’ll be pictures and fun stuff to share when I return. Leaving the dog home with my hubby and with the cupboards well-stocked and with plenty of projects that my husband plans to do, they will not even miss me!
Have a good weekend!!!

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