Sunday, August 3

Making connections...........

I couldn't figure out what to title this post as it covers more than a couple of topics. However, they all have to do with "connections" in one way or the other so that's why it's called "Making connections!"
This past weekend my husband was "re-connecting" at his 45th High School Class Reunion in Humboldt, Iowa. This is a big deal because his class seems to have the best time when they get together and it is fun to watch them "re-connect" and remember the "good old days". I have always felt that class reunions are meant for those who actually graduated together, but interestingly my husband's classmates have made me and all the other spouses/SO's feel like we are part of their class. They laugh and tell stories and really enjoy time together so after having attended so many of the reunions, well, it's like you're part of the family.
Across the street from Vinnie's BBQ (where the reunion was held) is this great little place that would make one think the "good old days" have returned! A local gentleman mixed some reproductions of vintage items along with a few authentic items in an old gas station and it looks like you've stepped back into the past!! I thought it was just the coolest place. It's located in Dakota City, Iowa if you want to stop and see it. My dad would have loved to have visited the place and I can't wait to tell my brother he must see this soon! You see, when my mother and dad were first married, my dad ran the Texaco Station in Lehigh, Iowa. Only two weeks ago when I was home for our Linn Family Reunion, my mom and I were looking at old photos taken at the station. I felt like I had "connected" with my family!

Speaking of family, we "connected" with my husband's Aunt Norma for lunch on Saturday afternoon. She's a sweetheart. Norma is sister to my mother-in-law, Ora, and the two of them spent their younger years helping out in the variety store that their parents, William and Lulu, owned on Main Street in Humboldt (Clayton's Variety Store). I took the opportunity to ask Norma about fabrics they carried in the store. Ora had shared information on fabrics she used in some quilt tops she made in the 30's and I wanted to see if Norma remembered the same things. She did! However, like a good soap opera, I have to say - "next on Sandi's blog - hear the story of the 9-59 cent a yard fabric sales held in the 1930's" .......... tune in tomorrow!

Back to "connecting"............. After our lunch and visit with Norma, we were going to stop at a shop on Main Street called "Sew Many Quilts" so that I could "connect" with some fabric. Unfortunately, and much to my dismay, they were closed on Saturday afternoons! So, we took a drive around town to re-visit some of the places Steve remembered from his childhood. We drove past the house he grew up in and out to the dragstrip, to Gotch Park, the old school and parks and ended up at the Humboldt Historical Society - just as it closed! Our timing was awful that day so we couldn't "make the connection" at the historical society (located in the beautiful home in the picture).
We did manage one more quick stop to "connect" with cousin Ginny and then it was off to the reunion. Everyone had a great time and they are already making plans to "re-connect" for the big one - the 50th reunion - only five years away!

That's all for tonight. Tune in tomorrow for my quilt story. And, in case you're wondering, I've tucked goodies into the mystery basket for days 2 and 3. It's going to fill up very fast! Leave a comment for your chance to win it!!


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love connections - what a great way to put your trip in perspective with the connections idea. Too bad that beautiful quilt shop housed in that house - wasn't open. It is fun to go down memory lane. When I was young I thought sentimental things were silly but now I love them. I love going back to my home town and driving around the places that I remember. We have a gas station restored really close to where I work like that one. Its so cute. The owner is always adding new things to look at and remember with. I'm always saying to my kids I remember $.39/gallon gas but they think I'm from the stone age anyway. Lovely post.

MouseChirpy said...

Hi Sandi,
Sounds like you had a blast at your hubby's reunuion. I haven't been to one in over 15 years and I sure don't miss them.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and for your feedback about my handbag. Yes, the handbag is my original design. The majority of the projects that I post to my site are my own designs.
I've enjoyed browsing your blog and seeing your beautiful quilts. I especially love the butterfly quilt. Very whimsical and fun!
Tale care.

Susan said...

Great post on connections. I figured out that you must have graduated - or your DH did - in 1963, because I'm 7 years away from my 50th. Can't figure out how I got to be so mature! =)

Both of you from Iowa! That must be many shared experiences. My DH is from NJ and I'm from AZ. But he fell in love with AZ, so I snatched him up. =) *Lots* of differences. LOL!

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