Tuesday, December 9

Sharing Christmas Pretties!

It's almost two years now since I began visiting two local assisted living facilities, bringing some quilts, my miniatures and any other pretties that I think will be of interest. Today, I headed over to Comfort First in LeSueur to share Christmas Pretties with the residents. I decided that ornaments would be a fun thing to share and that would bring back memories.........

Many of these ornaments are ones that I made and taught in community education classes and at the library. The two Santas on the left were made by my mother, Mary, in 1972 and sent to us when we lived in New Jersey. The snowman in the center is made from styrofoam balls and left-over bits of quilt batting. I have a tutorial here...... Fluffy*the*Snowman!

The ornaments and pretties made there way around the table and when the last one came around, it was time for fudge and candy canes! I had brought along that little book "Treasury of Christmas Stories" as I found a poem in it that I felt everyone would enjoy. I was surprised to discover it on a blog so I can share it with all of you. You'll find the poem here....... The*Secret*in*the*Barn.

When I finished reading the poem, we all shared a special Christmas memory. It is always so sweet to hear the special things that folks remember. It was a really enjoyable afternoon and tomorrow I'll do it again. Taking my friend, Doris, along and we will go to Fairview Assisted Living with treats and pretties again. I am so blessed to be able to share so much fun with others!! Really makes me happy! Yes, sew very happy!


Karen said...

Such a nice thing to do. I can imagine it was memory stirring for many of the residents. Also an interesting change in routine for them.

Me and My Stitches said...

I love that you do this - I'm sure that it means so much to everyone. I need to follow in your footsteps.

Jan Baker said...

My sister lives in assisted living and I want to thank you for all the people that live there. I know how much they appreciate a break from the same routine.

Colleen M said...


You are a very generous lady. God has blessed you.

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