Sunday, December 28

Quiet Sunday.........

Yes, it was a quiet Sunday. And after all the busy-ness of this past few weeks, that was just fine. Several folks were not in church this morning, probably still doing some Christmas gatherings. Those of us that were there, got to celebrate this dear man's 90th birthday. Well, actually when you read this on December 29th, he'll be 90. This is Bert Karels, a WWII veteran, one of the kindest, nicest guys I've ever met. He is a fellow Iowan, perhaps that's why? ;-)

There was an awesome selection of cookies that Bert's wife Arline shared. They were from the bakery and they were yummy! Bert has such a positive attitude and so does Arline. Having people like this in my life, makes me so happy, feeling so blessed! I have met the best folks since moving to Henderson. Small town living is the best, in my opinion. Another dear friend is Lisa Mathwig. I met Lisa when I discovered her jewelry booth at local events here in Henderson. I love the Papparazzi necklaces and buy several for myself (they are just $5.00 for necklace and earrings) and as gifts. My mom loves necklaces so she has several of them now. Lisa says I'm one of her best customers. :-) She also does custom signs and last spring I was going to buy three small signs on canvas that said "Dream", "Hope", "Believe".... but instead, Lisa gifted them to me! I have come to know her Grandma when I visit a nearby assisted living facility and I've come to know Lisa because I buy from her every time I see her at an event. Maybe I am a good customer. LOL! So, I liked those signs so much that I asked her to make two sets for me, one that would be for Collette, one for Devlin. No hurry, I said. A week before her last sales event in December, she sent a message......"be sure and stop by when you come to the craft show, I have a gift for you". Now I thought it was probably a piece of jewelry. So when I stopped by, I bought jewelry, of course, and then she handed me a long thin package and said "Don't open this til you get home". And I followed her instructions! Was I surprised when I opened the package. Wrapped in tissue were two signs with just the words I wanted. I almost cried! She gave me a gift that I could "gift" to my kids. How cool is that?!! So, I gave them to my kids and told them the story behind the signs. They were both impressed and thought it was very thoughtful of Lisa to do this. Me, too! Thank you, Lisa!

So, those words are ones I plan to live by this coming year. I have a Dream......I Hope I can fulfill it........I Believe I can do it! More on what it is as the year unfolds. In the meantime............I took the day off. I had my feet up quite often, wearing these fun socks that Collette, Daryl and Jacob got me for Christmas. I got several pair and they are the most comfortable socks I've ever worn, and warm, too! They are all I wanted from them. I have much, don't need much. I enjoyed some chocolate while I had my feet up. Aldi's makes a great hazlenut chocolate bar and all I asked for from Devlin was "buy me lots of chocolate bars". I gave up CocaCola but there is no way I am giving up chocolate. LOL!

The warm socks are going to come in mighty handy as the temps are headed down to the single digits here in Minnesota. I have just one errand to run on Monday and otherwise, I will be staying in and staying warm. Must go take down the big tree at the library and pack up the very last of the ornaments until next year. All my Christmas stuff here at home will be up til the end of the month. Once I get this place decorated, I love to enjoy it. Sometimes I just sit on the couch and look at the tree and the ornaments. It's a fun stress-free trip down memory lane.
Well, there is still time to do a little tidying up here in my sewing room. I will be "tidying up" for the rest of the week and into the next week. Boy did I make a mess this holiday season. ;-)
Happy Monday!


Kate said...

Loved your post, Sandi, and it even brought a tear to my eye ... a happy tear. I love your new socks.

Judy1522 said...

What a great blog post. It was so sweet of your friend to make the signs for you.

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