Tuesday, December 23

And I'm decorating just one more little tree..........

I think everything is wrapped and ready for Christmas Day. That's when our kids will be here. I have a couple little things left to finish but I'll be able to get them done tomorrow/Christmas Eve afternoon. Tonight when all was done, I decided to decorate a little tree in the family room off our kitchen. This little tree reminds me of the first tree that Steve and I had in our apartment in San Diego in December of 1968. The tree went with us when he was sent overseas for duty at Fuchu Air Base near Tokyo, Japan. That little tree may be long gone, but the memories are still in my mind. :-)

I took the photo above with my Nexus tablet. I love that it captures the light. The photo below was taken with my camera and flash. The lights don't look nearly so pretty. I bet there is a setting on my camera that would give me better Christmas tree pictures. Maybe I can figure it out by next Christmas. LOL!

So, that's about it for tonight. For all those children who celebrate Christmas, tomorrow is a special day, that day when you behave really well to insure that Santa leaves just what you want under the tree. ;-)  And then it's Christmas Eve and service at church. I love the thought of softly falling snow on Christmas Eve as we head to the church...........but that is not going to happen in Minnesota this year. There is not a drop of snow on the ground in our area (southwest of Minneapolis) and only light rain fell most of the day. Temps will be above freezing so travel will not be difficult for folks in our area. As I head down to the church, it may feel more like early spring than winter!
Blessings to all of you on this coming Christmas Eve day!


Gracey is not my name.... said...

I know, no snow here in the northeast either...bummer...just doesn't feel like Christmas without it...have a great holiday!

Kate said...

We're having a white Christmas. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family. Thanks for sharing your memories.

Christine M said...

Merry Christmas, Sandi.

Judy1522 said...

I put up a small tree in our family room on the 23rd also. It was one I purchased as our Christmas tree when we lived overseas for 3 years. I brought it back so I could use it for the tiny decorations that I bought to decorate it with.

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