Monday, July 8

What's on the line?

On the line today is a pretty piece of applique work that was stitched by my mother, Mary.
She loves Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Bill, butterflies and baskets, and then blanket stitching around all the shapes and things. This was a plain tablerunner that she bought and then she found patterns in magazines and added them to the runner. She used to have this hanging in her hallway. Now it's at my house and will hang next to her cupboard. I thank my mother for teaching me to sew and embroider and just like her........I love to blanket stitch around all kinds of shapes and things!
It's been a warm one today mixed with a healthy dose of mosquitos. I have enjoyed all the rain lately but it has produced a bumper crop of those pesky little critters!  Glad to be inside away from the heat and the buzzing of the mosquitos!
I'm working on some projects and cleaning my pattern/craft file. Sometimes I wonder why I have so much fabric and save so many patterns. I don't wonder for very long though and just straighten the fabric on the shelves and re-file the patterns and hope one day I'll use up the fabric and make all those projects. Righhhhhht! LOL!
Good start to the week.........
Have a great day!


Grammasheri said...

What a sweet table runner Sandi, and all the more so because your Mom made it. I have some wonderful things from my Mom also and I think she is tickled because I display them so proudly!

Anonymous said...

That is such a sweet keepsake! In the midst of the "Mod" movement, it's so nice to step back a bit and appreciate the 'tried and true' designs of years ago. All the more special because of its source/maker. Love it!!!! Hugs.....

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Adorable runner Sandi - you are so lucky to have had your Mom to teach you all about stitching and instill that love of creating in you. I had to learn myself and sure hope to be able to teach my granddaughter. Maybe she will use up all my "extra".

Beth said...

I love that piece! It is so cute and reminds me of quilts I saw as a child.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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