Monday, July 29

What's on the line?

Something very "Minnesota" is on the line today! It's the project that I designed and stitched for Firefly Quilt Shop from the 2013 Quilt Minnesota fabrics. It's a table topper that measures approximately 24-1/2" x 27-1/2". This is the front of the topper .................

........... and this is the back of the's reversible!
I really like the fabrics this year. I had one idea in mind when I first got the fabrics from Janice, owner of Firefly, but that idea wasn't working so I came up with this project. This picture below is the view you see when you walk into Firefly (in Mankato, MN). Lots of pretty quilting projects!  My table topper is on the desk..........
Love the pinecone and branch that are displayed on it. You'll be able to purchase kits, with the pattern included, starting this Friday when the annual Quilt Minnesota event begins. To see the entire line of fabrics that will be offered, just go here! And for all the details on shops that will be participating and prizes that will be offered, just go here!

Once again, I'm a little bit behind in blogging and projects I want to share. That's just the way things seem to be going these days. There's all the normal things in life and then there are still concerns for my mother's health. Family comes first so I'm rescheduling some plans I had made.  One of those plans was a "Christmas in July" project I wanted to share but it will be September before I can get to that. I had a little giveaway to share and planned to do that last Friday but now it will be this Wednesday. It'll be a "Christmas in July" giveaway. You'll like it. I just know you will. :-) In the meantime, Happy Monday! Make it a good one!


Rosa said...

It looks fabulous.Great job!!

Beth said...

Wow, That border fabric really blended into the tree behind the quilt. How cool. Love that it is reversible.
I hope that your Mom's health improves. Sending healing thoughts her way

Kate said...

Lovely topper, Sandi.

"Peace can be found in the piecing of a quilt."
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