Monday, December 3

What's on the tree?

I'm going to replace "What's on the line?" with "What's on the tree?" for the next four weeks. Each week, I'll share an ornament and a pattern or tutorial for how to make that ornament. Today, I'm sharing this heart ornament ................
You'll find the pattern page here.  It's a very simple heart ornament, made with one red wool heart on the front and a plaid wool heart on the back. I designed the ornament for a class at The Knitting Knest here in Henderson. There were students of all ages who enjoyed learning tips on how to work with wool, then stitching their snowflake and adding the blanket stitch to finish off the heart.
The first thing you need to do is cut your two heart shapes, then with a pretty white wool yarn or Perle cotton, you will stitch your snowflake to the red heart.
One of the tips I offered in class was to position the paper heart over the red wool heart and stitch through the paper using the dots on the pattern as your guide, then tear the paper away.  
When the snowflake stitching is finished, then pin the two heart shapes together and stitch around the edge with a blanket stitch or for a quick finish, just use a running stitch.
You will leave an opening of about an inch, so that you can stuff the heart with a bit of cotton or poly batting.  Then you'll add the final stitches and add a loop for hanging and your ornament is ready for the tree!
Everyone finished their ornament during class time .............
and that made students smile....... and me, too!! These hearts would also look great as a decoration on packages and gift bags. If I get busy stitching, I might even get a few made for my gifts!
Here's hoping you have a good day and a great start to this first week in December!!


Kate said...

Thanks, Sandy, your heart is quite lovely.

Gale, Ky quilter said...

So, cute! I love that children want to sew. Gotta keep this wonderful hobby/lifestyle going for years to come. :)

Nanette Merrill said...

You are always so willing to share your talents and for others. These are so cute.

Beth said...

The snowflakes are so cute. What a pretty ornament and looks pretty easy to do.

Jacquelynne Steves said...

Cute ornament, Sandi! I am doing an ornament tutorial every week on my blog too- I guess great minds think alike!

Kathie said...

I really think this is adorable, I am going to print out the pattern , give it a try, will need to do a little shopping first. thank you for sharing

Anonymous said...

Great ornament, Sandi. I might even leave it totally flat, because all the ones on my tree already are flat. I'm going to dig around and see if I have any red wool left back there.

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